Theatrical Releases in 2008

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Crazy Waiting ["Gidarida michyeo"]   Written and directed by Ryu Seung-jin.  Four couples are forced to deal with the ultimate challenge to their relationship when the men are called to serve their mandatory 730-day military service.  Starring Son Tae-young, Jang Geun-seok, Yu In-young, Kim San-ho, Jang Hee-jin, Danny Ahn, Han Yeo-reum, Woo Seung-min, Lee Ki-woo, Lee Young-jin.  Cinematography by Kim Cheol-joo.  Produced by iFilm and Blue Bus Pictures.  Distributed by Cinema Service.  Sold internationally by iHQ.  Rating: 15+.  108 min.  January 1.

Forever the Moment Forever the Moment ["Uri saengae choego-ui sungan"]   Directed by Lim Soon-rye.  Screenplay by Na Hyun.  Based on the true life experiences of the players in the women's handball team which competed for South Korea in the 2004 Athens Olympics.  Starring Moon So-ri, Kim Jeong-eun, Eom Tae-woong, Kim Ji-young, Jo Eun-ji, Park Won-sang, Jeong Seok-yong, Min Ji.  Cinematography by Hwang Ki-seok.  Produced by MK Pictures.  Distributed by Sidus FNH.  Sold internationally by Golden Network [Hong Kong].  Rating: General.  124 min.  January 10.

Open City ["Mubangbi-dosi"]   Written and directed by Lee Sang-ki.  A determined police detective faces off against a ruthless pickpocketing gang, headed by a sexy femme fatale who masquerades as a tattoo artist.  Starring Son Ye-jin, Kim Myung-min, Kim Hye-sook, Shim Ji-ho, Son Byeong-ho, Yoon Yu-seon, Kim Byeong-ok, Lee Hye-sook.  Cinematography by Shin Ok-hyun, Seo Jeong-min.  Produced by Samzzi IVision.  Distributed and sold internationally by CJ Entertainment.  Rating: 15+.  112 min.  January 10.

Dimmer ["Aseurai"]   Directed by Kim Sam-ryeok.  Screenplay by Kim Sam-ryeok, An Cheol-ho, Choe Ju-yeon, Jeong Ji-won.  A group of friends in their twenties get together to shoot a film, and in the process struggle with the challenges of relationships and growing up.  Starring Kim Sang-ryeok, Shim Jae-won, Choi Tae-kyu.  Cinematography by Jo Yeong-jik.  Distributed and sold internationally by Indiestory.  Rating: 12+.  85 min.  January 11.

Hellcats Hellcats ["Ddeugeoun-geosi joh-a"]   Directed by Kwon Chil-in.  Screenplay by Kim Hyun-soo, Kim Soo-ah, Park Hye-ryeon.  An extended family of three women -- the fortysomething interior designer Young-mi, the 27-year old screenwriter Ami, and the high school student Kang-ae -- are all engaged in dilemmas regarding romance and sex.  Starring Kim Min-hee, Lee Mi-sook, An So-hee, Kim Seong-su, Kim Heung-su, Yun Hui-seok, Jo Eun-ji, Kim Beom, Jang Hang-jun.  Cinematography by Jo Yong-gyu.  Produced and distributed by Cinema Service.  Sold internationally by CJ Entertainment.  Rating: 15+.  114 min.  January 17.

The Little Prince ["Eorin wangja"]   Directed by Choi Jong-hyeon.  Screenplay by Im Jin-pyeong.  A foley artist named Jong-cheol loses his wife and son, and falls deep into an alcohol-soaked depression. However a chance encounter brings him into contact with another young boy who desperately needs a father figure.  Starring Tak Jae-hoon, Kang Su-han, Jo An, Jeon Moo-song, Choi Ju-bong, Park Won-sang, Charles, Lee Ho-jae, Yu Ha-jin.  Cinematography by Kim Hong-min.  Produced by People & Pictures, NR Communications.  Distributed by Lotte Entertainment.  Rating: 12+.  92 min.  January 17.

Once Upon a Time in Corea Once Upon a Time in Corea ["Wonseu-eopon-eo-taim"]   Directed by Jeong Yong-ki.   Screenplay by Chun Seong-il.   In 1945, shortly before Korea's liberation, a gigantic diamond is found by agents of the Japanese colonial government. Immediately, two secretive crooks - a legendary swindler and a jazz club singer - make plans to steal it.  Starring Park Yong-woo, Lee Bo-young, Kim Eung-soo, Kim Soo-hyun.   Cinematography by Moon Yong-sik.   Produced by Win Entertainment.   Distributed by CH Entertainment   Sold internationally by Mirovision.   Rating: 12+.  110 min.  January 30.

A Man Who Was Superman ["Syupeomaen-ieotteon sanai"]   Directed by Jeong Yoon-chul.   Screenplay by Jung Yoon-chul, Kim Bada, Yoon Jin-ho.   A TV producer who feels frustrated with her job comes to shoot a documentary about a mentally unbalanced man who believes he is superman.  Starring Jun Ji-hyun(Gianna Jun), Hwang Jeong-min, Jin Ji-hee, Kim Tae-seong.   Cinematography by Choi Young-hwan.   Produced , Distributed and sold internationally by CJ Entertainment.   Rating: General.   102 min.  January 30.

Radio Dayz Radio Dayz ["Raduio Deijeu"]   Directed by Ha Kee-ho. Screenplay by Kim Hyun-jung.   The making of Korea's first radio drama, broadcast in the 1930s under Japanese rule, turns out to be as dramatic as the story itself.  Starring Ryu Seung-bum, Hwang Bo-ra, Kim Sa-rang, Lee Jong-hyuk.   Cinematography by Lee Tae-yoon.   Produced and Distributed by SidusFNH.   Sold internationally by Golden Network [HK].  Rating: 12+.  111 min.   January 31.

My Love Yurie ["Nae sarang Yurie"]   Written and directed by Ko Eun-ki.   A young man living in a strange remote place is in love with the woman living across the street, who makes a living by selling her body. He decides to make a deal with the devil in order to make her his own.  Starring Ko Da-mi, Kang Hui, Kim Jun-bae, Yang Yeong-jo, Koo Hye-ryeong.   Cinematography by Yun Ji-woon.  Produced by Sensitive and Aggressive Strawberry Tree.  Distributed and sold internationally by Activers Entertainment.  Rating: 18+.  113 min.   January 31.

The Devil's Game ["Deo Geim"]   Directed by Yoon In-ho. Screenplay by Yoon In-ho, Kim Mi-ra, Lee Jae-jin.   A poor sidewalk artist is desperate for money to protect his girlfriend from loan sharks. Then, a rich old man invites him to participate in a strange bet for huge sums of money.  Starring Shin Ha-kyun, Byun Hee-bong, Lee Hye-young, Son Hyun-ju.   Cinematography by Baek Dong-hyun.   Produced by Prime Entertainment and Premier Entertainment.   Distributed and sold internationally by Prime Entertainment.  Rating: 15+.  116 min.   January 31.


Lovers of 6 Years Lovers of 6 Years ["6 Nyeon-jjae Yeonae-jung"]   Written and directed by Park Hyun-jin.   A couple in their late twenties have been dating for six years, but soon their relationship will face difficult new tests.  Starring Kim Ha-neul, Yoon Kye-sang, Shin Sung-lok, Cha Hyun-jung.  Cinematography by Park Yong-soo.  Produced by Picasso Films.  Distributed and sold internationally by Studio 2.0.  Rating: 15+.  103 min.  February 5.

His Last Gift ["Majimak Seonmul"]   Directed by Kim Young-jun.   Screenplay by Bom Eui-hwan.  A man serving a life sentence for murder is given ten-days leave to be with his daughter who has contracted a rare illness and is in need of a liver transplant.  Starring Shin Hyun-jun, Heo Jun-ho, Kwon Oh-jung.  Cinematography by Lee Sung-je.  Produced by .  Distributed and sold internationally by Showbox.  Rating: 18+.  112 min.  February 5.

The Chaser The Chaser ["Chugyeok-ja"]   Directed by Na Hong-jin.   Screenplay by Na Hong-jin, Hong Won-chan, Lee Shin-ho.   Two women working for a call service go missing after visiting the same customer.The pimp who hired them becomes suspicious and decides to investigate.  Starring Kim Yoon-soek, Ha Jung-woo Heo, Seo Young-hee.  Cinematography by Seo Keun-hee.  Produced by Bidangil Pictures.  Distributed by Showbox.  International sales by Fine Cut.  Rating: 15+.  123 min.  February 14.

Beautiful ["Areumdapta"]   Directed by Juhn Jae-hong.   Screenplay by Kim Ki-duk.   An uncommonly attractive woman recieves unwanted attention from all sort of men, to the point where it starts to affect her sanity.  Starring Cha Soo-yeon, Lee Chun-hee.  Cinematography by Kim Ki-tae.  Produced by Kim Ki-duk Film and Sponge Entertainment.  Distributed and sold internationally by Sponge Entertainment.  Rating: 18+.  88 min.  February 14.

Life is Beautiful ["Daehan-i, Minguk-ssi"]   Directed by Choi Jin-won.   Screenplay by Kim Eun-tae.   The world's greatest romantic who believes in the absolute power of love, Dae-han becomes the rival of Min-guk, a naive dreamer who believes that he can do anything he sets his mind to.  Starring Choi Sung-guk, Gong Hyung-jin, Choi Jung-won.  Cinematography by Kim Young-chul.  Produced by Funny Film.  Distributed by Lotte Entertainment.  Rating: 15+.  102 min.  February 14.

Inner Circle Line Inner Circle Line ["Naebu-sunhwanseon"]   Written and directed by Cho Eun-hee.   A woman named Yeong-joo who works as a club designer meets a man who reminds her of a past lover. Meanwhile a man with the same name who works as a subway driver on Seoul's line #2 is traumatized when someone jumps in front of his train.  Starring Yang Eun-yong, Bae Yong-keun, Jung Yu-mi, Jang So-yeon.  Cinematography by Choi Young-min.  Distributed and sold internationally by Indiestory.  Rating: 18+.  95 min.  February 22.

Butterflymole ["Nabi-dudeoji"]   Directed by Suh Myeong-soo.   Gyeong-shik, a subway driver in his mid-fourties, struggles with the tedium of his job, the suicide of a passenger, and the mysterious disappearance of his brother.  Starring Pan Young-jin, Park Jin-guk, Heo Jeong-in, Choi Jeong-dan, Song Young-chang.  Cinematography by Jeong Wook-joon.  Produced by Indie Union.  Distributed and sold internationally by Indiestory.  Rating: 15+.  83 min.  February 22.

Night and Day Night and Day ["Bam-gwa nat"]   Written and directed by Hong Sang-soo.  Sung-nam, a married painter, is named in a marijuana drug bust and flees to Paris to avoid the police. While there he befriends two young Korean art students.  Starring Kim Young-ho, Park Eun-hye, Hwang Su-jeong, Kim Yu-jin, Seo Min-jeong, Ki Joo-bong, Lee Seon-gyun, Jeong Ji-hye.  Cinematography by Kim Hoon-gwang.  Produced by bom Film Productions.  Distributed by Sponge.  Sold internationally by UMEDIA [France].  Rating: 18+.  144 min.  February 28.

BA:BO ["Babo"]   Directed by Kim Jeong-gwon.  Screenplay by Kim Young-tak and Kim Jeong-gwon.  An aspiring pianist returns from a long-term stay in Europe to her hometown in Korea. There she is reunited with a brain-damaged man who has been harboring a crush on her since their school days.  Starring Ha Ji-won, Cha Tae-hyun, Park Hee-soon, Lee Ji-young, Song Jae-ho, Park Grina, Park Ha-seon, Jeong Gyeong-soon.  Cinematography by Kim Tae-kyung.  Produced by Wire to Wire Films.  Distributed by CJ Entertainment.  Sold internationally by Cineclick Asia.  Rating: 12+.  99 min.  February 28.


My New Partner My New Partner ["Mai nyu pateuneo"]   Directed by Kim Jong-hyun.  Screenplay by Kim Jong-hyun, Yun Jae-geun, Kim Hyeong-wan.  A morose but well respected young cop is transferred to Busan to investigate a drug case. There he finds himself paired with his own father, a disgraced and somewhat corrupt officer with whom he is no longer on speaking terms.  Starring Ahn Sung-ki, Jo Han-seon, Jeong Seok-young, Lee Eun-ji, Park Cheol-min, Jeong In-gi, Jo Jin-woong, Choi Il-hwa.  Cinematography by Kim Young-ho.  Produced and sold internationally by KM Culture.  Distributed by M Plus Pictures.  Rating: 15+.  110 min.  March 6.

The Past is a Strange Country ["Gwageo-neun natseon narada"]   Directed by Kim Eung-su.  A documentary made up of the recollections of people who witnessed or were familiar with two student activists who set themselves on fire during an anti-U.S. rally on April 28, 1986.  Featuring Kim Eung-su, Jeon Ho-shik, Kim Hui-jae, Jo Yu-shik, Lee Jeong-seung, Kim Hee-kyung, Lee Young-beom.  Cinematography by Jeon Ho-shik, Kim Eung-su, Kim Baek-jun.  Distributed by Cinema Sangsang-madang.  Rating: 12+.  90 min.  March 6.

Humming Humming ["Heoming"]   Directed by Park Dae-young.  Screenplay by Jeong Seon-ju, Park Dae-young.  A talented young scientist named Jun-seo has been dating the diving instructor Mi-yeon for years, but he is starting to feel frustrated by their relationship. He plans to go on a research trip to Antarctica in order to get away for a while, but then tragedy strikes.  Starring Lee Cheon-hee, Han Ji-hye, Jeong Jae-jin, Lee Hwi-hyang, Lee Jeong-heon, Chae Yun-seo, Lee Min-gi, Kim Su-hyun.  Cinematography by Hong Jong-gyeong.  Produced by The Dream Pictures.  Distributed by Lotte Entertainment.  Rating: 12+.  96 min.  March 13.

Fate ["Sungmyeong"]   Directed by Kim Hae-gon.  Screenplay by Kim Hae-gon, Jang Seong-su, Nam Seong-shik.  Four close friends decide to target a casino in order to lift their lives out of the gutter, but an unexpected betrayal sets the stage for a future showdown.  Starring Song Seung-heon, Kwon Sang-woo, Kim In-kwon, Park Han-byeol, Ji Sung, Park Yu-taek, Wi Seung-cheol, Hong Su-hyeon, Lee Seung-jun.  Cinematography by Choi Ji-yeol.  Produced by MKDK.  Distributed and sold internationally by CJ Entertainment.  Rating: 18+.  123 min.  March 20.

Farewell Farewell ["Jakbyeol"]   Directed by Hwang Yun.  A documentary originally produced in 2001 that looks at the space of the modern zoo and considers issues related to wildlife and animal welfare.  Featuring Kim Hye-jin, Kim Young-jun, Eom Gi-yong, Han Hyo-dong.  Cinematography by Hwang Yun.  Produced by Studio Duma.  Distributed by Jinjin Pictures.  Rating: General.  81 min.  March 27.

One Day on the Road ["Eoneu nal geu gireseo"]   Directed by Hwang Yun.  A 2006 documentary that looks at how the increasing number of roads running through animal habitats are affecting wildlife populations.  Featuring Choi Tae-young, Choi Cheon-kwon, Choi Dong-gi.  Produced by Studio Duma.  Distributed by Jinjin Pictures.  International sales by Mirovision.  Rating: General.  97 min.  March 27.

Happy Together Happy Together ["Donggeo, dongrak"]   Directed by Kim Tae-hee.  Screenplay by Kim Tae-hee and Kim Bo-jeong.  Yu-jin and her single mother Jeong-im are close emotionally, and even feel comfortable discussing their sexual lives. However as Jeong-im re-starts an old relationship, and Yu-jin's boyfriend starts to act in strange ways, things start to get complicated.  Starring Jo Yun-hee, Kim Cheong, Jeong Seung-ho, Kim Dong-wook, Kim Hae-yeon, Choi Jeong-woo.  Cinematography by Kim Hoon-kwang.  Produced by RG Enterworks.  Distributed by Showbox.  Rating: 18+.  101 min.  March 27.

A Secret Scandal ["Na-ui seukaendeul"]   Directed by Shin Jeong-gyun.  Hyun-woo and Sun-ah meet when he is a middle schooler and she is a student teacher. Later, when he has turned 19 and she is a 27-year old art instructor, their relationship starts to develop.  Starring Seo Rin, Lee Jun, Kang Shin-cheol, Kim Hwa-ju, Choi Eun-ju, Goh Gyu-pil.  Cinematography by Shin Jong-sun.  Produced and distributed by Lumix Media.  Rating: 15+.  92 min.  March 27.


The Guard Post The Guard Post ["GP506"]   Directed by Kong Su-chang.  Screenplay by Kong Su-chang, Pil Young-woo.  A guard post along the border between North and South Korea has fallen mysteriously quiet, and a search team arrives to find that virtually the entire group has been killed. An investigation follows, but it soon becomes clear that something very strange took place prior to the killings.  Starring Cheon Ho-jin, Jo Hyun-jae, Lee Young-hoon, Lee Jeong-heon, Park Won-sang, Lee Dong-woon, Son Byeong-ho.  Cinematography by Kim Seong-hwan.  Produced by Bokko Pictures and Motis.  Distributed and sold internationally by Showbox.  Rating: 18+.  120 min.  April 3.

Do-Re-Mi-Fa-Sol-La-Si-Do ["Doremipasollasido"]   Written and directed by Kang Geon-hyang.  High school student Jungwon finds herself being mocked by the arrogant but cute boy Eun-gyu next door. They become rivals, then eventually start dating, but things become complicated once they realize that Eun-gyu's best friend is Jungwon's former boyfriend.  Starring Cha Ye-ryeon, Jang Geun-seok, Jeong Ui-cheol, Im Joo-hwan, Park Min-ji, Han Tae-yun.  Cinematography by Jin Young-hwan.  Produced by Hongsangja.  Distributed by Cinema Service.  Rating: 12+.  105 min.  April 3.

Viva Love Viva Love ["Gyeongchuk! Uri sarang"]   Directed by Oh Jeom-gyun.  Screenplay by Park Yun.  Bong-soon is a middle aged housewife with a selfish daughter in her twenties and a husband who is quietly having an affair. Tensions in the house rise when the daughter moves out, abruptly breaking up with her young fiance Gu-sang. Bong-soon tries to comfort the heartbroken Gu-sang, and ends up falling in love with him.  Starring Kim Hae-sook, Ki Joo-bong, Kim Hye-na, Kim Young-min, Bang Eun-hee.  Cinematography by Jang Seong-baek.  Produced by Ivy Pictures.  Distributed by Sponge.  Sold internationally by Studio 2.0.  Rating: 15+.  100 min.  April 10.

The Last Dining Table ["Majimak bapsang"]   Written and directed by Roh Gyeong-tae.  A somewhat suureal film that presents several "worlds" in which five people interact and then come together at the end to reveal their familial relationships.  Starring Hong Seok-yeon, Baek Hyun-ju, Hwang Bok-soon, Kim Do-yeon, Oh Heung-gi.  Cinematography by Jeong Young-sam.  Produced by Cicada I Remember.  Rating: 18+.  93 min.  April 11.

If You Were Me: Anima Vision 2 If You Were Me: Anima Vision 2 ["Byeolbyeol iyagi 2: Yeoseot bitkkal mujigae"]   Directed by Lee Hong-soo, Ahn Dong-hee, Hong Deok-pyo, Ryu Jung-woo, Lee Hong-min, Jung Min-young, Gwon Mi-jeong, Park Yong-jae.  An omnibus film consisting of six short animated works about human rights issues. "The Third Wish" (Ahn Dong-hee and Ryu Jung-woo) is about childbirth by physically challenged people; "Peeling" (Hong Deok-pyo) covers male societal complexes; "Baby" (Lee Hong-soo and Lee Hong-min) considers challenges facing working mothers; "Merry Golasmas" (Jung Min-young) looks at various kinds of discrimination; "Shine Shine Shining" (Gwon Mi-jeong) considers arranged marriages with migrant brides; and "Lies" (Park Yong-jae) presents a gay man pressured by his parents to marry a woman.  Produced by the National Human Rights Commission of Korea.  Sold internationally by Indiestory.  Rating: 12+.  95 min.  April 17.

My Song Is... ["Na-ui norae-neun"]   Written and directed by An Seul-gi.  Hee-chul, 20 years old, sleeps in on the day of his university entrance exam and instead gets a part time job. Eventually he comes across two university students shooting an independent film, and they cast him in it.  Starring Shin Hyun-ho, Min Se-yeon, Yun Se-min, Ju Min-ha, Kim Ki-seok.  Cinematography by Choi Taek-jun.  Produced by CR Film.  Distributed and sold internationally by Indiestory.  Rating: 12+.  80 min.  April 25.

The Moonlight in Seoul The Moonlight in Seoul ["Biseuti Boijeu"]   Written and directed by Yoon Jong-bin.  Jae-hyun and Seung-woo work in a host bar in Seoul, where they provide companionship to women over drinks. The work pays well, but Jae-hyun still struggles to pay his debts and Seung-woo finds his budding relationship with Ji-won turning sour.  Starring Ha Jung-woo, Yoon Kye-sang, Yoon Jin-seo, Lee Seung-min, Ma Dong-seok, Yoo Ha-joon.  Cinematography by Ko Nak-seon.  Produced by Wire to Wire Film.  Distributed by Lotte Entertainment.   Sold internationally by Finecut.  Rating: 18+.  123 min.  April 30.

A Tale of Legendary Libido ["Garujigi"]   Written and directed by Shin Han-sol.  In a village reknowned for its strong women and sexually incompetent men, Gang-soi is the most incompetent of all. But a chance enconter with a monk transforms him into the Joseon Dynasty's #1 lover.   Starring Bong Tae-kyu, Kim Shin-a, Oh Dal-soo, Yoon Yeo-jung, Song Jae-ho, Jeon Su-kyung.  Cinematography by Lee Hyung-deok.   Produced by Prime Entertainment.  Distributed and sold internationally by Showbox.  Rating: 18+.  120 min.  April 30.


Shocking Family Shocking Family ["Syoking Paemilli"]   Directed by Kyung-soon.  A documentary about three women - Se-young in her 20's, Kyung-eun in her 30's, and Kyung-soon in her 40's - who try to find their own identity within the often constrictive space of Korean family life.   Cinematography by Se-young.   Produced by Redsnowman.  Distributed and sold internationally be Indiestory.   Rating: 12+.   111 min.  May 8.

Unforgettable ["Seoul-o boinya"]   Written and directed by Song Dong-yoon.  A modern young teacher arrives at her new post in the remote mountains of South Cheolla Province. There she becomes involved in the personal triumphs and tragedies of her students before taking them on their first field trip to Seoul.   Starring Yoo Seung-ho, Oh Soo-a, Lee Chang-hoon, Kim Yoo-jung, Park Sang-ha, Noh Young-hak.  Cinematography by Heo Eung-hoe.   Produced by Line Pictures.  Distributed by Cinema Service.  Rating: General.   84 min.  May 8.

Nallari Jongbujeon Nallari Jongbujeon    Directed by Im Won-guk.   Screenplay by Park Youn-sun.   After suddenly striking it rich, university student Yeon-su and her father are enjoying life. Yeon-su is perhaps enjoying it a little too much -- she's notoriously wild, and her pretty face only adds to her pride and abandon. One day, however, she meets a young guy who is her exact opposite, and sure enough, she falls in love.   Starring Park Jung-a, Park Jin-woo, Jang Min-ho, Lee Won-jong, Jo Sang-gu, Yang Keum-seok.   Cinematography by Heo Sung-ryong.   Produced by Film Can.   Distributed by Lotte Entertainment.   Rating: 12+.   110 min.  May 22.

Bangool Tomato    Directed by Jeong Young-bae.   Screenplay by Kim Sung.   Despite living in extreme poverty an elderly man and his granddaughter never complain about their condition. In fact, their cheerful outlook on life serves as an example to everyone they encounter.   Starring Shin Gu, Kim Hyang-gi, Kim Byung-chun, Kang Tae-eun, Choi Dong-kyun.   Cinematography by Park Kyung-won.   Produced by Cineraga Pictures.   Distributed by Movies Entertainment.   Rating: 12+.   100 min.  May 29.


Girl Scout Girl Scout   ["Geol Seukauteu"]   Directed by Kim Sang-man.   Screenplay by Kim Seok-ju.   Four ordinary women are struggling financially, but things get much worse when someone runs off with their life savings. Desperate, they go out in search of their money.   Starring Kim Sun-a, Na Moon-hee, Lee Kyung-sil, Ko Jun-hee.   Cinematography by Sung Seung-taek.   Produced by BK Pictures and MK Pictures.   Distributed by MK Pictures.   Rating: 15+.   99 min.  June 5.

To the Bitter End : Version 2.0    ["Pilseung ver 2.0 Yeon young-seok"]   Directed by Tae Joon-sik.  A documentary about the folk singer Yeon Young-seok, who compose many songs about the labor movement and issues related to temporary workers.   Cinematography by Shin Im-ho, Park Jung-hyun, Cho Se-young, Tae Joon-sik.  Produced by Tae Joon-sik.  Distributed by Indiespace.  Rating: General.  88 min.  June 6.

Like Father, Like Son   ["Abeoji-wa Mari-wa Na"]   Directed and written by Lee Moo-young.  A former rock star, Tae-soo, comes back to his son after a 15-year absence. His son is filled with resentment, but when they are joined unexpectedly by Marie, an acquaintance of the son, a family forms.   Starring Kim Sang-joong, Kim Heung-su, Yoo In-young.   Cinematography by Kim Jong-yoon.   Produced by EE Films.   Distributed and sold internationally by CJ Entertainment.   Rating: 18+.   108 min.  June 12.

delivering love Delivering Love   ["Heuksimmonyeo"]   Directed by Cho Nam-ho.  Screenplay by Cho Nam-ho, Lee Dong-ha.  Nam-hee is exhausted caring for her Alzheimer's-stricken mother and somewhat immature daughter. When a man appears in their life, long-buried tensions come to the surface.  Starring Shim Hye-jin, Kim Soo-mi, Lee Da-hee, Lee Sang-woo.  Cinematography by Cho Chul-ho, Shin Yim-ho.   Produced by e-Room Pictures.   Distributed by Showbox/Mediaplex,Inc.   Rating: 12+.  93 min.  June 12.

Public Enemy Returns    ["Kangchuljung"]   Directed by Kang Woo-suk.  Screenplay by Jang Jin.  Veteran police detective Kang Chul-jung comes into conflict with a wealthy business owner who forces his underlings to confess to his own crimes.  Starring Sul Kyoung-gu, Jung Jae-young.  Cinematography by Kim Sung-bok.  Produced by KnJ Entertainment Inc.  Distributed and sold internationally by CJ Entertainment Inc.   Rating: 15+.  125min.  June 19.

Crossing Crossing   ["Crossing"]   Directed by Kim Tae-kyun.  Screenplay by Lee Yoo-jin.  A poor North Korean family is torn apart when the mother becomes ill, and the father risks crossing into China for medicine.  Starring Cha In-pyo, Shin Myeong-cheol.  Cinematography by Chung Han-cheol.  Produced by Camp B.  Distributed by Vantage Holdings.  International sales by Finecut.   Rating: 12+.  105 min.  June 26.

My Mighty Princess   ["Mu-lim Yeo-dae-saeng"]   Written and directed by Kwak Jae-yong.   The beautiful and prodigiously talented warrior So-hwi decides to give up martial arts. Her father asks one of her childhood friends to convince her to return.  Starring Shin Mina, On Ju-wan, U Gun.  Cinematography by Chin Ting Chang.  Produced by Bluebird Film.  Distributed and sold internationally by Prime Entertainment.   Rating: 15+   119min.  June 26.


Life Track   ["Gue-do"]   Written and directed by Jin Guang-hao.   A man with no arms living by himself in the countryside comes across a woman on the run from the police.  Starring Chui Jing-hu, Jang So-yeon.  Cinematography by Zhu Jin-ze.  Produced by Yanbian Broadcast, Studio Nurimbo.  Distributed and sold internationally by Indiestory Inc.   Rating: 12+   99min.  July 11.

the good the bad the weird The Good, the Bad, the Weird    ["Joeun Nom, Napun Nom, E-sanghan Nom"]   Directed by Kim Jee-woon .  Screenplay by Kim Jee-woon, Kim Min-suk.   In 1930s Manchuria, three men are in desperate pursuit of a treasure map, and at the same time they try to evade the Japanese army.  Starring Song Kang-ho, Lee Byung-hun, Jung Woo-sung.  Cinematography by Lee Mo-gae.  Produced by Barunson Film Division.  Distributed and sold internationally by CJ Entertainment Inc.   Rating: 15+.  133min.  July 17.

Sunny    [" Nimeun Meon Gose "]   Directed by Lee Joon-ik.  Screenplay by Choi Suk-hwan.  In the 1970s, Soon-yi's husband enlists to fight in the Vietnam War, and she decides to join a singing group that will travel to Vietnam to perform for the soldiers there.  Starring Su Ae, Jung Jin-young, Choung Kyung-ho.  Cinematography by Na Seung-yong.  Produced by Tiger Pictures.  Distributed and sold internationally by Showbox/Mediaplex,Inc.   Rating: 15+.  126 min.  July 23.

eye for an eye Eye for an Eye   ["Nun-ae-neun Nun Eea-e-neun Eea"]   Directed by Kwak Kyung-tak, Ahn Gwon-tae.  Screenplay by Kim Dong-woo.  A police detective famous for his vindictiveness meets his match when a criminal impersonates him and robs a truck filled with smuggled gold.  Starring Han Seok-gyu, Cha Seung-won.  Cinematography by Oh Hyun-je, Alex Hing.   Produced by Taewon Entertainment Inc.  Distributed by Lotte Entertainment.  International sales by Finecut.   Rating: 15+.  101 min.  July 30.

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Box-Office Admission Results

Release date Film Title Nationwide Screens
Jan 1 Crazy Waiting 422,363 239
Jan 10 Open City 1,613,728 336
Jan 10 Forever the Moment 4,044,582 418
Jan 11 Dimmer 373 1
Jan 17 Hellcats 590,409 256
Jan 17 The Little Prince 84,015 181
Jan 30 The Devil's Game 1,496,214 339
Jan 30 A Man Who Was Superman 559,706 388
Jan 30 Once Upon a Time in Corea 1,562,486 315
Jan 31 My Love Yurie 209 1
Jan 31 Radio Dayz 214,946 254
Feb 5 Lovers of 6 Years 1,123,294 327
Feb 5 His Last Gift 272,890 263
Feb 14 Life is Beautiful 212,854 174
Feb 14 Beautiful 1,612 5
Feb 14 The Chaser 5,071,619 435
Feb 22 Butterflymole 112 1
Feb 22 Inner Circle Line 342 1
Feb 28 Ba:Bo 974,554 263
Feb 28 Night and Day 13,928 18
Mar 6 The Past is a Strange Country 254 1
Mar 6 My New Partner 265,323 220
Mar 13 Humming 104,850 167
Mar 20 Fate 858,215 341
Mar 27 A Secret Scandal 232 1
Mar 27 Happy Together 5,224 8
Mar 27 One Day on the Road 3,380 4
Mar 27 Farewell 1,353 4
Apr 3 Do-Re-Mi-Fa-Sol-La-Si-Do 199,151 167
Apr 3 The Guard Post 945,185 355
Apr 10 Viva Love 13,016 31
Apr 11 The Last Dining Table 372 1
Apr 17 If You Were Me: Anima Vision 2 4,205 11
Apr 17 Living with a Sexy Ghost 2,780 17
Apr 17 Manners in Battle 1,788 17
Apr 25 My Song Is... 378 1
Apr 30 A Tale of Legendary Libido 272,648 311
Apr 30 The Moonlight in Seoul 727,409 278
May 8 Unforgettable 50,956 125
May 8 Shocking Family 481 1
May 22 The Taming of the Shrew 31,522 162
May 29 Cherry Tomato 18,533 83
June 5 Girl Scout 249,114 257
June 6 To the Bitter End, Ver 2.0 292 1
June 12 Life is Cool 4,254 14
June 12 Like Father, Like Son 4,162 10
June 12 Delivering Love 59,624 177
June 19 Public Enemy Returns 4,300,670 659
June 20 Selma's Protein Coffee 2,191 3
June 26 My Mighty Princess 28,019 205
June 26 Crossing 907,255 303
July 10 Santamaria 47,557 132
July 11 Life Track 375 2
July 17 The Good, the Bad, the Weird 6,686,902 825
July 23 Sunny 1,706,576 499
July 30 Eye For an Eye 2,058,764 445
August 6 Death Bell 1,634,051 270
August 7 Ride Away 3,201 4
August 13 Dachimawa Lee 628,508 299
August 13 Baby and Me 435,551 217
August 14 What Happened Last Night 67,626 164
August 21 Nowhere to Turn 2,036 4
August 22 Worker, Daesoo Heo... 519 1
August 28 Spare 45,290 62
August 28 Action Boys 9,621 9
September 4 Secret to Her 2,083 32
September 4 The Divine Weapon 3,726,134 585
September 11 Rough Cut 1,307,688 326
September 11 Our School's ET 651,439 298
September 18 Two-eyed Ireland 1,286 1
September 18 Lineage of Voice 2,588 13
September 18 The Loner 74,282 199
September 25 My Dear Enemy 390,738 299
September 25 Love and War 7,414 37
September 25 Truck 540,485 257
October 2 Gogo70 581,468 362
October 2 Modern Boy 758,473 373
October 9 Dream 87,962 100
October 16 Crush and Blush 532,323 290
October 16 Sakwa 57,331 111
October 16 Do U Cry 4 Me Argentina? 161 1
October 16 Summer Whisper 1,351 8
October 23 A Light Sleep 149 3
October 23 Heartbreak Library 91,387 220
October 23 Sleeping Beauty 337 3
October 23 My Wife Got Married 1,788,748 414
October 23 Da Capo 103 3
October 30 Mandate 12,087 84
October 30 Boy Director 1,608 1
November 06 The Way 1,503 9
November 06 Once Upon a Time in Seoul 94,993 198
November 06 Forgiveness - The Endless Journey Salvation 795 2
November 13 Potrait of a Beauty 2,324,704 463
November 13 Antique 1,173,310 451
November 13 Iri 2,276 6
November 20 Lady Camellia 599 3
November 20 Boy meets Boy 2,778 5
November 27 My Friend & His Wife 3,580 1
November 27 Crush on You 730,343 386
November 27 The ESP Couple 3,732 6
December 03 The Accidental Gangster and the Mistaken Courtesan 286,657 337
December 03 Scandal Makers 8,201,986 405
December 04 Lovers 1,386 2
December 10 Day of Death 26,840 131
December 17 Lost & Found 469,984 339
December 24 Romantic Island 150,283 208
December 26 WRITTEN 245 1
December 30 A Frozen Flower 3,742,317 499
December 31 Sorry, Dokdo 4,949 61

* Box office to March 31. Source: Korean Film Council (KOFIC).

Note that from 2007 on, listed screen totals are nationwide, not for Seoul.

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