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Index to Korean Films, 1970s: Joo Dong-jin

10th March 2012

Joo Dong-jin is far better known as a the founder and Executive Producer of Yeonbang Movies but he was also briefly a film director in the 1970s.  He directed 8 movies during this period. The info on most of these was already uploaded, but here are the remaining three. Just click the thumbnail and expand to view the full-sized image. You can see the information on his other films, as well as those of other directors, by clicking the tab marked “The 1970s” at the top of the page.  Because there were only three movies to be listed here, I also included the single film of director Joo Yeong-jeong. 

joodongjin1974 loveeachother, joodongjin1974 luck, joodongjin1974 storyofmadpainter,jooyeongjoong1978 unsettlingafternoon

Up next: Kang Beom-goo and Kang Dae-ha

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Index of 1970 Korean Films: Jo Moon-jin

1st March 2012

Director Jo Moon-jin was born in 1935 in Manchuria, China.  After Korean liberation, his family returned to Korea. He started working in films in the early 1960s and spent nearly ten years as an assistant director, often for Kim Soo-yong.  He started directing in 1969 and during his first year, he made eight films.  In the 1970s, Jo helmed 2 dozen movies, half of these in the first three years of that decade.  Information on those films has previously been uploaded to this site and can be viewed by clicking the tab marked ‘the 1970s’ at the top of the page.  To view the images below, click the thumbnail and expand for the full-sized image.

jomoonjin1974 childhood, jomoonjin1974 curiosity,jomoonjin1974 ecstasy, jomoonjin1974 firstsnow, jomoonjin1974 tadpolescourtship, jomoonjin1976 loversintherain, jomoonjin1978 motherandthehouseguest, jomoonjin1978 oldhouse,jomoonjin1978 whensadnesstakesover, jomoonjin1978 widow, jomoonjin1979 storyofyellowvillage, jomoonjin1979 womanwhodraws

Next: Directors Joo Dong-jin and Joo Yeong-joong

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Index of K-Films, 1970s: Jo Gwan-soo

23rd February 2012

Director Jo Gwan-soo was born in 1947 and made two movies in the latter half of the 1970s.  And that is all I know about him through the Encyclopedia of Korean Directors. After 1979, he disappears from the world of film.  Information on his two films, Why Do You Ask About My Past? and Promise On The Last Day is listed below. Just click the thumbnail and expand to see a full-sized image. You can access information about the movies of other directors of this decade by clicking the tab at the top of the page marked “the 1970s”

jogwansoo1976  whyaskaboutmypast, jogwansoo1979  promiseonthelastday  Maybe I should have included another director’s work in this post, but the next director on the list to be done is Jo Moon-jin and he has quite a few films. He deserves his own post.

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Index of Korean films, 1970s– Jeong So-yeong

16th February 2012

Director Jeong’s 20 year career as a director started in the late 1960s and he made 21 films during the 70s.  He is famous for the series creating a four part series of movies that were incredibly popular but whose English name varies– It is listed here as “Farewell My Love” because that is what KOFA entitled the third edition of this film, released in 1970 and thus the first I encountered while building this index. However the title is often listed as I Hate You but Once Again, or Love You Again, or even just Again as with the 2002 remake. Regardless, Jeong was a master of melodrama as you will be able to see from the 12 movies listed below. His other nine from this decade were listed at an earlier date and information on them can be viewed by clicking the tab at the top of the page marked ‘the 1970s’ .  To view the thumbnails below, click and then click again to expand the image.

jeongsoyeong1974 maturity, jeongsoyeong1974 whitehandkerchief, jeongsoyeong1975 graduationexam, jeongsoyeong1975 sadsanfrancisco, jeongsoyeong1975 whereisthelight, jeongsoyeong1976 iconfess, jeongsoyeong1976 returntothefatherland, jeongsoyeong1978 lastwinter, jeongsoyeong1978 womanibetrayed, jeongsoyeong1979 lastteacup, jeongsoyeong1979 themanileft, jeongsoyeong1979 youaremydestiny

Next: the movies of Jo Gwan-woo

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Index of 1970s Korean Movies– Jeong Jin-woo

9th February 2012

Jeong Jin-woo is one of my favorite directors of the 60s and 70s.  I especially like Early Rain from 1966 of which one of the films, Love in the Rain, is a remake.  From the decade that this post covers, I really enjoyed I Saw the Wild Ginseng.  Debuting as a director in 1963 and continuing through the early 90s, Jeong made 16 films during the 1970s.  Ten of these I had previously uploaded information for, so here are the remaining six. The info for the other films, and for many other directors, can be viewed by clicking the tab marked “the 1970s” at the top of this page. Click the thumnails below and expand to see a full sized image of these plates.

jeongjinwoo1975 endofanaffair, jeongjinwoo1975 loveintherain,jeongjinwoo1977 threefighters, jeongjinwoo1979 isawthewildginseng, jeongjinwoo1979 roseswallowedthorn, jeongjinwoo1979 scholaryulgok Up Next: Jeong So-yeong

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Index of Korean Movies, 1970s: Director Jeong In-yeob

2nd February 2012

Director Jeong In-yeob is perhaps most famous for directing what is recognized as Korea’s first porn film, Madam Aema, but that wouldn’t be until 1982.  He started his career in films on the staff of Director Kim Ki-yeong and became a director in his own right by the mid-60s.  He continued directing right up until 1997 with the direct-to-video movie based on musician Kim Geon-mo’s song Speed entitled, appropriately enough, Kim Geon-mo’s Speed.  Jeong directed twenty-two films in the 1970s. Most of these I have already uploaded information on, but the final eight information plates are listed below.  Just click the thumbnail and expand to see a full-sized image.  The rest of the films, and info on plates from other directors from the 70s, can be seen by clicking on the tab marked ‘the 1970s’ at the top of this page.

jeonginyeob1974 firstloveatmyeongdong, jeonginyeob1974 summerwithnobody,jeonginyeob1974 twobrothers,jeonginyeob1976 bluedays, jeonginyeob1977 standoff, jeonginyeob1977 taxidriver, jeonginyeob1978 arirangah, jeonginyeob1979 doyouknowggotsooni  Next: Director Jeong Jin-woo

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Index of the 1970s: Directors Jeon Woo-yeol -Jeong Hwe-cheol

26th January 2012

In this post, I will finish listing the 1970s creations of three more directors, starting with Jeon Woo-yeol.  1974 would be the last of Jeon’s films. He started his career as an assistant director in 1962 and moved on to become a full director in 1968.  He made 16 movies in the 1970s –eight of them were in the first year of that decade. I had previously uploaded the information on fifteen of these, the remaining film is below.  Jeon stopped directing in the mid-70s and went to live in the USA under the name William W Jun. There he founded an organization for Korean-American movie-makers.

The next director completed here is Jeong Chang-hwa–not an easy man to work on. That is because his films were all Korean/Hong Kong coproductions and that makes sorting out his movies quite difficult. I opted to list only the Korean staff and cast on most of the films. That is because I am generally changing names from Korean to English. Writing names that were in Chinese then Korean in English results in some very strange spellings and only serves to complicate sorting out the names.

Finally we have Jeong Hwe-cheol who started directing films in the late 1970s and continued through the 80s .  His real name was Jeong Hwe-yeong. Of his nine movies, three are in the decade we are covering here.  Like always, click the image below and expand to see a full-sized image. Or you can view all the plates created to date by clicking the tab at the top of the page marked ‘the 1970s’

jeonwoocheol1975 greatemergencynetwork, jeongchanghwa1974 skyhawk, jeongchanghwa1974 association, jeongchanghwa1976 doublecrossers, jeonghwecheol1976 doublerainbowhill, jeonghwecheol1978 mothermustbesomewhere, jeonghwacheol1979 chastity   Up next will be the eight remaining films of Jeong In-yeob.

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Index of the 70s: Jang Yeong-gook-Jeon Jo-myeong

20th January 2012

Continuing with the index which I was unable to update while I was away on vacation.. the next three directors are relatively minor. Jang Yeong-gook only directed two films in his short I had previously uploaded information on and can be viewed by clicking the tab at the top of the page marked ‘the 1970s’ and scrolling down to the director’s name.  Jeon Eung-joo had a ten-year long career that began in the 1960s, but there was nearly a decade long gap between his 60’s works and his two films in the 1970s.  Jeon Jo-myeong was important as a cinematographer. He worked in that field from 1959 until 2004. He directed just over a dozen films beginning in the late 60s and into the 70s, but he did not continue into the following decade.  Below are the thumbnails providing information on their films. Just click to enlarge.

jangyeonggook1974 boatwhistle, jeoneungjoo1974 onalonelymountain, jeoneungjoo1974 juliethehalfblood, jeonjomyeong1976 incidentsinthelife, jeonjomyeong1977 crowded, jeonjomyeong1978 fistoftheflyingtiger

Coming next: I will finish up the films of Jeon Woo-yeol, Jeong Chang-hwa and Jeong Hwe-cheol

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Index of the 70s: Jang Il-ho

10th December 2011

I am currently knee-deep in final exams which have managed to eat up most of my free time and kept me from posting regularly this past week. I will be finished with them early next week and should have more time for a while– until I take my annual Christmas journey back to the US for three weeks with family.

Jang Il-ho’s film career began in the early 1960s and petered out in the early 1990s. While he made most of his films in the 1960s, his best known works today were from the late seventies and the 80’s, especially the One Love series reviewed on this site. Below are his movies from the 1970’s.  Just click the thumbnail and then enlarge to view a full-sized image.
jangilho1974 darkcircle, jangilho1974 darkhair, jangilho1974 thunderboltfist, jangilho1975 remodeledbeauty, jangilho1976 fivecommandents, jangilho1976 greatescapewomenprison, jangilho1976 womeninjail, jangilho1977 wardiary,jangilho1978 tripitikanakoreana

Up next are Jang Yeong-gook, Jeon Eung-joo and Jeon Jo-myeong

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Index of the 70s: Im Won-shik

25th November 2011

Director Im Won-shik’s career began in the mid-sixties and ended in the early 90s. In the decade I am currently working on, Im Won-shik helmed 12 movies. I had already posted half of his films earlier. Information on these and the movies of other directors can be viewed by clicking the tab marked ‘the 1970s’ at the top of the page. The thumbnails below can be clicked as well to enlarge the plate and allow you to see a full-sized image.

imwonshik1974 arirang, imwonshik1974 excellentguys, imwonshik1974 exorcist, imwonshik1976 evenidontknowmymind, imwonshik1976 mother, imwonshik1977 towardsthehighplace

Up next: Jang Il-ho

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