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Index of the 70s: Im Kwon-taek, part 2

20th November 2011

I finally finished the 39 films director Im Kwon-taek produced in the 1970s. These are the final ten. Click the thumbnail and enlarge to see a full-sized image or go to the tab marked ‘the 1970s’ at the top of the page to see images and information on all of his films and those of other directors as well. Up next: Im Won-shik

imkwontaek1976 wife, imkwontaek1977 imjininvasionwolhyang, imkwontaek1977 lifeofokrey, imkwontaek1978 evergreen, imkwontaek1978 familypedigree, imkwontaek1978 mothersfaceabovewaves, imkwontaek1978 soclosesofar, imkwontaek1979 divinebow, imkwontaek1979 noglory, imkwontaek1979 tomorrowandtomorrow

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Index of the 1970s: Im Kwon-taek

13th November 2011

During the ten years comprising the 70s, the prolific director Im Kwon-taek directed 39 films! I have already posted the information for 20 of these. Listed here are nine more and the rest will follow.  Click the thumbnail and enlarge to see the full image. To see the rest of his films from this decade, and other directors’ as well, just click the tab at the top of the page marked ’The 1970s’ and choose a title.

imkwontaek  1974 paradeofwives, imkwontaek 1974 iwontcry, imkwontaek 1974 yeonhwa, imkwontaek 1975 whydididothat, imkwontaek 1975 yeonhwa2, imkwontaek 1975 yesterdaytodayandtomorrow, imkwontaek 1976 barefootinthesnow, imkwontaek 1976 longestsummer, imkwontaek 1976 wangshibri

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Index of the 70s: Im Jeong-gyu

21st October 2011

Director Im Jeong-gyu had a short career directing animated films. Three of these were in the 70s and the other two were in the very early 1980s.  Im’s career began earlier however as an animator.  His last credit on the KMDb on the Walt Disney television series Darkwing Duck in 1991.   

imjeonggyu 1977 maruchiandarachi, imjeonggyu 1977 electricman337, imjeonggyu 1979 starlandtrio

Click the thumbnail and enlarge to view the images. Other movies in the index can be seen by clicking the tab above marked ‘the 1970s’.   Next up in the index is Im Kwon-taek

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Index of the 70s: Han Heon-myeong and Hong Ui-bong

15th October 2011

Director Han Heon-myeong only made three films, all of them animations.  Two of the three were in the 1970s. He is responsible for the now-infamous changes made to the Golden Bat character, making him far too much like DC Comic’s Batman. His first movie featured Son Oh-kong, the monkey prince from Chinese mythology who has made several appearances in Korean films.

hanheonmyeong 1978 sonohkong, hanheonmyeong 1979 goldenbat

Hong Ui-bong’s made two films during the 1970s as well. His career extended into the 90s but he only made a total of 5 films that received theatrical releases. Most of his films dealt with the life of Koreans in the USA, the sole exception is his final final film. In 1980, his films added a religious aspect which was the dominant theme of his 1990 films. 

honguibong 1976 california90006, honguibong 1978 dayandnightofkomerican

Click the tab at the top of the screen labeled ‘the 1970s’ to see more films from this decade.

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Index of the 70s: Ha Gil-jong

24th September 2011

Arguably the greatest director of the decade, Ha Gil-jong gave us the famous film March of Fools which managed to give a glimpse of how the youth of the era were struggling for a voice despite the extreme government censorship. However, his career was tragically short. He died at just 38 years old after suffering a massive stroke at the end of February 1979. He first feature length film was in 1972 and his last was released at the beginning of February 1979. Besides March of Fools and its sequel, he also directed the sequel to The Heavenly Homecoming of the Stars — the original was directed by Lee Jang-ho and the third in the series was directed by Lee Kyeong-tae.

I had earlier uploaded the first two of his films. These can be seen by clicking the tab marked ‘the 1970s’ and looking for Ha Gil-jong’s name– the directors are in alphabetical order and many films are uploaded there for your viewing.  The thumbnails below can also be clicked to enlarge and read.  Enjoy!

hagiljong 1975 marchoffools, hagiljong 1976 iamlookingforawife, hagiljong 1977 reincarnation, hagiljong 1978 heavenlyhomecoming2, hagiljong 1979 marchoffools2

Up next: Han Heon-myeong…

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Index of the 1970s: Choi Yeong-cheol

18th September 2011

Choi Yeong-cheol began his directing career in 1963 and he continued directing unti as recently as 1991.  During the 1970s, Choi directed 19 films…8 of which I had previously uploaded information about.  These are his remaining films.  Of note is the early 3D film, Ape which is listed on many western websites as among the 100 worst films ever made.  To see the rest of the films directed by Choi or another director in this decade, go to the top of the page and click the tab marked ‘the 1970s’.  There you will see all the films from that era listed by director’s last name.

choiyeongcheol 1974 brand, choiyeongcheol 1974 heukbaekdaegwon, choiyeongcheol 1974 successor, choiyeongcheol 1975 gold madam, choiyeongcheol 1976 ape,choiyeongcheol 1976 bigplot, choiyeongcheol 1976 successorwithablackbelt, choiyeongcheol 1976 thousandfaces, choiyeongcheol 1977 guestinroomseven, choiyeongcheol 1978 specialcommandno8, choiyeongcheol 1979 herecomesdaegeun 

Click the thumbnails to see the full sized image.  Up next..  Director Ha Gil-jong

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Index of the 70s: Choi Hyeon-min

24th August 2011

Choi Hyeon-min was born as Choi Woo-il in South Habkyeong Provine, now part of North Korea.  He moved south for his studies and eventually went on to debut as a stage actor. By 1957, he was directing stage plays and in1959 worked as an assistant director to Jeon Chang-geun.  He started in earnest in the movie industry as a planner in the production departments in the mid-60s and continued in that area until 1991.  His directing career was relatively short, beginning in 1972 and finishing in 1983 during which time he directed just 11 films (The KMDb attributes a 12th film to him, but that is actually a creation by Choi In-hyeon)– Choi In-hyeon films are up next…   Click the thumbnail and enlarge to see the full sized plate and read the information.  All the films of the 1970s I have completed so far can be viewed by clicking the tab at the top of this page marked “the 1970s” where the movies are listed by director.

choihyeonmin 1975 annaswill, choihyeonmin 1976 schooldays, choihyeonmin 1976 threesisters, choihyeonmin 1976 youngcity, choihyeonmin 1977 dreamsofthetwo, choihyeonmin 1977 youth, choihyeonmin 1978 chorusofdoves

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Index of the 70s: Choi Ha-won

23rd August 2011

Choi Ha-won, born Choi Seung-yong on August 19, 1937 and studied Korean Literature at Yeonsae University. He debuted in 1968 with Trees Stand on a Slope and his final film was in 1990, The Military Academy.  During the 1970’s Choi directed 17 films.  I had listed five previously when I was indexing by year, so here are the remaining dozen.  Information  on all his films, and the films of other directors can be viewed by clicking the tab at the top of the page marked ‘the 1970s’. 

choihawon 1974 seagullsdream, choihawon 1975 cattle, choihawon 1975 lastembrace, choihawon 1975 strangefeeling, choihawon 1976 coldheartedrent, choihawon 1976 imustlive, choihawon 1977 studentvolunteerarmy, choihawon 1977 target, choihawon 1978 climax, choihawon 1978 twilight, choihawon 1979 jadecolor, choihawon 1979 picnicfor30days

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Index of the 70s: Kim Ho-seon

21st August 2011

Continuing the on-going project of indexing all the films of each decade. Here are the films of director Kim Ho-seon (and one of Choi Hoon that I left out when I entered his films). Other films can be found listed by director by clicking the tab marked “the 1970s” at the top of each page.

kimhoseon 1974 hwannyeo, kimhoseon 1975 yeongjaheydays, kimhoseon 1976 cuckoosdolls, kimhoseon 1977 winterwoman, kimhoseon 1979 admirationofthenight, kimhoseon 1979 asleepdeeperthandeath,choihoon 1979 runtowardstomorrow

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Index of the 1970s: Choi Hoon and others

15th August 2011

Here are some more entries for the index I am building.  This one contains mostly the remaining films of Choi Hoon as well as a number of other directors.  All of these thumbnails can be clicked and enlarged to view the full image and cast/staff information.  You can also click the tab at the top of the page labeled ‘the 1970s’ where they are listed alphabetically by the director’s last name.

womendetectives choihoon, treeofdreams choihoon, makewayfortomorrow choi hoon, bestfriend choihoon, devotingmywholebody choihoon, heukpyokaek choihoon,butterflymaiden song yeongsoo, flyingturtleship song jeongyool, greatescape yoogichang kangdaeseon, itisyou shinsungil, kongjwipatjwi kang taewoong, 2000-006

oh– the last movie in this set isn’t from the 70s– it is from 2000.  I just put it in there because I made it months ago when I was experimenting with the new design and fonts for these plates.  It may not belong with these films based on year but really, how many of you actually remember Ghost Taxi?

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