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Trailers for Korean films opening November 15, 2012

14th November 2012

We will have our choice from among 6 new movies opening this coming weekend although, taking into consideration some of the short running times and the topics of the films, several may be limited releases or in theaters catering to arthouse films.

The first trailer you will see however, is anything but arthouse. Codename: Jackal stars Song Ji-hyo and Kim Jae-joong. It is directed by Bae Hyeong-joon.

The next film does not yet have an English title, but its Korean moniker is pronounced Soomokjang. It stars Lee Yeong-ah and On Ju-won. This horror/thriller was directed by Park Gwang-choon.

White Night is also opening this Thursday. This film has received great reviews at film festivals. It is directed by Leesong Hee-il and stars Won Tae-hee and Lee Yi-kyeong.

According to Daum Movies, but not listed on Kobis, two other queer themed featurettes will also be released this week, both by director Leesong Hee-il is called Suddenly Last Summer and stars Kim Yeong-jae and Han Joo-won.

The other is Going South, starring Kim Jae-heung and Jeon Shin-hwan.

Finally, we have The Winter of the Year was Warm, directed by Jo Seong-gyu and starring Ye Ji-won and Kim Tae-woo.

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Trailers for Korean movies opening November 8th

7th November 2012

Yikes!  I just logged in to put up the trailers and found I had 9500 comments waiting for approval!!  Of course, they are mostly spam, but the most this blog has generated before is about 300 a day!  Even cleaning up in bulk is going to take a while… ** I have temporarily changed comments to ‘registered members only’ because new spam was coming in faster than I could delete it.. someone really wanted me to buy anti-depressents online. After two days I have gotten the spam all cleared up. I will change the comments section back to normal after a few days

I did not write a review last weekend– I would up turning off Rice Cakes from 1988 before I got even halfway through, but I did update the films in production and awaiting release sections which can be seen via the menu on the left….

There are three Korean movies being released tomorrow.  Here are their trailers, plus one bonus..

First we have CONFESSION OF A MURDER directed by Jeong Byeong-geol and starring Jeong Jae-yeong and Park Shi-woo.

Next we have MODERN FAMILY, an omnibus directed by Kim Seong-ho, Lee Soo-yeon, Shin Soo-won and Heum Ji-yeong. It stars Jeong In-gi and Kim Ji-yeong among many others…

And finally we have TOUCH, directed by Min Byeong-hoon and starring Yoo Joon-sang and Kim Ji-yeong..

The ‘bonus’ I mentioned earlier is not a Korean film, but one produced in Singapore. I am mentioning it here because it stars Korean actor Jang Hyeok as ..a ballroom dancer!? The movie is called DANCE OF THE DRAGON

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Trailers for Korean movies opening Nov. 1, 2012

3rd November 2012

There were a total of 3  Korean movies set to open for the first weekend in November. Probably the most anticipated of these was Jo Seong-hee’s Werewolf Boy which, despite the title, is a drama–not a horror movie. It did however, open on Halloween. The movie stars Song Joong-ki and Park Bo-yeong.

Peach Tree also opened on Oct. 31. It is a romance directed by Ku Hye-seon and starring Jo Seung-woo and Ryu Deok-hwan.

Finally, there was Dirty Blood that opened November 1. It is a crime thriller starring Yoon Ju and Im Dae-il. The film is directed by Kang Hyo-jin.

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Trailers for Korean Films opening October 25, 2012

25th October 2012

There will be five new Korean films opening on screens across the nation today. Here is a sneak peak into the choices of films we can pick from—

ALMOST CHE– a comedy directed by Yook Sang-hyo and starring KIm In-gwon and Yoo Da-in.

INTACT CITY– a mystery/thriller directed by Kim Moon-heum and starring Jo Seong-ha and Kim Seok-hoon.

HOUSE WITH A VIEW– is a sex-comedy directed by Lee Soo-sang and starring Kwak Hyeon-hwa and Ha Na-kyeong

BARBIE– a drama starring Lee Cheon-hee and Kim Sae-ron, directed by Lee Sang-woo. This trailer has English subtitles…

Finally there is OPEN TO YOU– a horror film directed by In Jin-mi and starring Lee Yool-ri and Park Hye-rin done in documentary style..

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Trailers for Korean films opening Oct. 18

17th October 2012

There is one Korean movie and six Korean-made documentaries opening this weekend. We’ll start with the movie. It is a mystery directed by Bang Eun-jin entitled Perfect Number. The movie stars Ryu Seung-beom and Lee Yo-won.

The first of the documentaries is Mac Korea featuring President Lee Myeong-bak and directed by Kim Hyeong-ryeol.

And you know that its an election year when we have a second movie featuring President Lee called Rememberce of MB. At least this one seems to match my own views on the subject…

Next we have a nature documentary of a type of bird that flies between New Zealand and Alaska. The movie is called The Great Flight.

If someone were to twist my arm and say that I had to see one of these documentaries this weekend, then I would choose this next one..Bittersweet Joke. Director Baek Yeon-ah looks at the lives of a handful of unwed mothers and their children. Actually, no one would have to twist my arm– this one looks good.

The final documentary is a 3D concert from the group INFINITE called INFINITE Concert Second Invasion Evolution The Movie 3D.

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Trailers of Movies released Oct. 11

11th October 2012

This week there are two movies Korean movies being released this week.

This first trailer is for Company Man directed by Im Sang-yoon and starring So Ji-seob and Lee Mi-yeon.

The second is Star, starring singer Hwan Hee and Kim Soo-yeon. It is directed by Han Sang-hee and looks, to me, exactly like any number of Korean television dramas. In fact, if it is not turned into a 14-part drama some time next year, I will be very surprised… oh, there is an ad at the beginning of the trailer that can be skipped after a few seconds.

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New Korean Films in Theaters this Week

3rd October 2012

There is one Korean film opening for this weekend, GHOST SWEEPERS– <d. Shin Jeong-won (Chaw)– Kim Soo-ro (Mr. Idol), Lee Je-hoon (Bleak Night), Kang Ye-won (Miracle on 1st Street)– comedy, horror> When an exorcism goes bad, five of Korea’s strongest shamans are on hand to try to contain an ancient evil released in a small village.

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Movies Opening September 20th

20th September 2012

This week, The Spy opens in theaters. It is a comic-drama starring Kim Myeong-min, Yoo Hae-jin and Yeom Jeong-ah and is directed by Woo Min-ho.

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New Movies Opening September 6

4th September 2012

There are three new Korean films opening for this coming weekend.  The first is a film called GRAPE CANDY.. and the trailer I found has English subtitles.  It is directed by Kim Hee-jeong and stars Park Jin-hee and Park Ji-yoon.

Then there is a comedy entitled WEDDING SCANDAL with Kim Min-joon and Kwak Ji-min

And finally, there is the new Kim Ki-duk movie, PIETA


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Trailers for this week’s Korean Films: August 23rd

21st August 2012

There will be three Korean films opening in theaters this Thursday and I am going to begin with the one I have been expecting the most since I first saw the posters.. The Neighbors. One woman takes it upon herself to find the killer of her step-daughter, but can she unravel the mystery before the murderer strikes again?

The second film is a documentary in which several independent film actresses allow themselves to be followed by cameras during the course of their daily lives. The movie is entitled My Selves.

Finally we have 90 Minutes, a tale of blackmail and revenge starring Joo Sang-wook and Jangmi In-ae.

Other movies opening in Korean theaters this week include: You Are the Apple of My Eye (tw), Red Lights (es), Fortress of War (by), Dragon Pearl (au), Hysteria (uk), 5th Quarter (us), Janie Jones (us), Swing Vote (us), and Red State (us)

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