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Korean Box Office: January 13-15

16th January 2012


While I was out of the country over the last several weeks, I did not keep track of what was happening in the box office. This weekend’s figures were able to reveal some key things to me. Namely, Mission Impossible 4 has probably been dominating for much of the time that I was gone. It has earned nearly 7 million viewers since it opened. Sherlock Holmes, My Way and Perfect Game did fairly well. I’m going to have to hurry if I want to watch My Way, looks like its theatrical run is almost at an end.  The large number of animated films in theaters tells me that the kids are on vacation. I will post the trailers to the Korean films opening for this coming holiday weekend tomorrow!

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Korean Box Office: December 9-11

12th December 2011


After disappointing me by opening behind the Twilight series latest installment, Breaking Dawn, Spellbound managed to rebound and took the number one position on its second week, not only forcing the emo vampires to drop, but also but also beating out The Adventures of Tin Tin which opened at number two.

Opening this week are Battle of Los Angeles (us), Phantom of the Opera at the Royal Albert Hall (uk), Scream of the Banshee (us), Alvin and the Chipmunks 3 (us), Here and There (Serbia), Loft (Netherlands), Mission Impossible 4 (us), Tennis King (jp), Maiko Haaaan (jp) and the Spy Next Door (us). The Korean films will be Too Many Villains and My Barefoot Friend. I will post the trailers for these tomorrow.

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Korean Box Office: December 2-4

5th December 2011


Last week, when posting the trailers for the Korean movies opening on the weekend, I had mentioned that ‘the likely hot movie’ had been listed as Chilling Romance or Eerie Romance on Youtube, but an official title had not yet been given. Well, the official title is Spellbound but, although it did fairly well, it was overtaken by Breaking Dawn, the latest film from the Twilight series.  With the release of these two films, all the other movies that were on last week’s chart, dropped. No other new film that was released last week appeared in the top ten of the box office charts.

I count four new Korean films opening for this coming weekend. I will post the trailers for these tomorrow.The other new movies coming this week are The Adventures of TinTin (us), Godzilla: Final Wars (jp), Le Havre (fr), The Task (us), Blitz (uk), Loft (nz), Mercenaries (uk)

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Korean Box Office: November 25-27

28th November 2011


After hold its own against battling robots and warring gods, Punch finally met its match and was knocked out of first place after a month at the top of the charts.  It was replaced by S.I.U. which is short for the Special Investigation Unit. This new action film stars Uhm Tae-woong, Joo Won and Jeong Jin-yeong and it is directed by actor Hwang Byeong-guk successfully trying his hand at a new career. Real Steel held steady at number four, but the third place spot was taken by Arthur Christmas. I would have thought it was a little early for a Christmas movie, but I guess I would have been wrong.

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Korean Box Office: November 18-20

21st November 2011


Well, Punch spends yet another week at the top of the box office charts and has now topped four million tickets sold. Immortals remained a distant second for the second week in a row, closely followed by the newcomer Money Ball which pushed Real Steel and two others down a notch. Most new films did not open above 7th this week.

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Korean Box Office: November 4-6

7th November 2011


Last week I wrote that with all the new movies opening, there was sure to be a major shake-up in the box office. Well, that turned out to be partly true. Six of the top ten films in this week’s box office rankings are new, but they were unable to dislodge the top two films, Punch and Real Steel which spend their third week in the numbers one and two positions. In fact, Punch has once again increased the percentage of the box office it earned. It went from taking 29% of the total viewers when it first opened, to 39% last weekend and now it has moved up to taking 45%.

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Korean Box Office: October 28-30

31st October 2011


Not too many changes in the box office in the final week of October.  Punch and Real Steel both retained their places at the top of the charts while a couple of new movies, namely In Time and Friends with Benefits knocked the movies in the lower tiers of the box office down a peg or two. The number of new movies opening this coming week however almost guarentees some major changes are coming in next week’s box office.  Here is a list of what coming:


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Korean Box Office: October 21-23

24th October 2011


Fresh out of the Busan International Film Festival, the movie Punch proved itself this past weekend and wound up at number in the box office, barely squeaking by Real Steel.

There are three new Korean films opening this coming week. One is a documentary called Hoonjanggwa Akdongdeul (no English title yet). Another is a family comedy, Spy Papa which lacks a website. However, the last film is the only one likely to have any impact on the box office. That is A Reason to Live starring Song Hye-gyo. 

Other films opening this week are Restless (us), Wind Blast (ch), Friends with Benefits (us), In the Beginning (fr), In Time (us), The Music Never Stopped (us), The Tree of Life (us), 9 Songs (uk), Mazinga SKL (jp) and The Lazarus Project (us)

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Korean Box Office: Oct. 14-16

17th October 2011


Last week I posed the question whether or not Real Steel would be be able to take the number one position after a strong test run which landed it in number 4.  The answer is ‘yes’ as Real Steel (featuring the very talented Karl Yune in a supporting role) surged ahead and took nearly 40% of the box office totals.  At the same time, Silenced, which has been leading the box office for the past few weeks started its descent and wound up in fourth.  But perhaps the biggest news is the fact that out of the ten top films in the box office, 8 of them are Korean movies. I can’t think of when the last time that has happened…or even if it has ever happened before…

Like last week, two films that were given a test run prior to their official openings landed fairly high in the box office.. Always directed by one of my favorite directors, Song Il-gon, and Punch.  Also opening is Wido, a mystery starring Jeong Chan and Lee Doo-il.  Other films opening this week are Senna (uk), Major: the Pitch of Friendship (jp), Four Times (it), Sleeping Beauty (au), The Music Never Stopped (us), Paranormal Activities 3 (us), and U2 3D (us).

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Korean Box Office: October 7-9

11th October 2011


Well, my blog is back to normal. For about a week I was stuck staring at HTML codes–which I don’t know how to use well at all– and no way to upload images. But the VISUAL system is back and I can post once again.  So here are the results of last weeks Box Office.  Better late than never!

Silenced once again came out on top although by a narrow margin as Client nearly had the same percentage of the box office sales. It will be interesting to see if it can hold on another week or if another movie will overtake it. Client stands a chance, however that film has already by in theaters for two weeks, so it may not have that much momentum left.  Real Steel did very well in a test release across the country and will officially open this week. It’s limited release was enough to land it in fourth– will it be able to take over the first place spot this coming weekend? 

Two new Korean films will be opening this week as well. One of them is the indie film Scars which will probably have a very limited release.  The other is Hit but as a comedy starring some second tier actors (sorry Han Jae-seok), it is not likely open higher than fourth.

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