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Index of the 1970s: Director Lee Sang-eon

9th October 2013

The biography of director Lee Sang-eon (February 1, 1937- June 14, 1993) will be dealt with in the decade of his debut. During the 1970s, Lee made 19 films. The majority were in the early part of the decade and information on them has been posted previously. That can be viewed by clicking the tab marked ‘the 1970s’ at the top of the page and scrolling through the alphabetical list of directors there. Click the thumbnails below to see full-sized plates of his remaining films.

leesangeon1974-2 nights 3 days, leesangeon1974-im going to marry, leesangeon1975- pebbles, leesangeon1976- counting stars in the night sky, leesangeon1979- hearts on fire, leesangeon1979- looking for black jewel

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Korean Movies in Theaters 2013: Week 41

7th October 2013

Sigh– While everyone else is down in Busan at the film festival, do you know where I was? Sequestered in Seoul attending a seminar that required me to give up my phone, internet and books. It was to prepare me for writing some national exams.. and it was a lot of fun..except I could not leave the compound and even moving from building to building required me to be accompanied by a security guard!

Well, even if I don’t make it down to Busan, there are other things to do.. Like check out the two lastest films opening this week; HERO and HWAYI.



20131010 hero, 20131010 hwayi

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