Seen in Jeonju

Korean Box Office: April 9-11

13th April 2010


Clash of the Titans continues to reign in the box office while in the lower tiers some interesting things were happening. Avatar reappeared albiet in the lowest rung nationally while here in Jeonju, Harmony re-0pened and wound up 6th. As of this post (April 13) neither the movie called Searching for My Wife (or Runaway from Home) nor Hi Killer have official English titles according to the Kofic website. The names listed here are from other sources. I am looking forward to the opening of Best Seller and A Little Pond this week. Check out the trailers from the official websites listed below.


1. Best Seller (kr)– Lee Jeong-ho, starring Uhm Jeong-hwa, Ryu Seung-yong

2. Blind Side (us)– John Lee Hancock, starring Sandra Bullock, Quinton Aaron

3. Book of Eli (us)– Alber & Allen Hughes, starring Denzel Washington, Gary Oldman

4. Bounty Hunter (us)– Andy Tennant, starring Jennifer Aniston, Gerard Butler

5. Little Pond (kr)– Lee Sang-woo, starring Moon Seong-geun, Kim Rwe-ha

6. Matter of Size (is)– Saron Maymon, starring Itzik Cohen, Dvir Benedek

7. Me, Too (sp)– Antonio Naharro, starring Pablo Pineda, Lola Duenas

8. Sayonara Itsuka (kr)– John Lee (Lee Je-han), starring Miho Nakayama, Hidetoshi Nishijima

9. 700 Days of Battle (jp)– Renpei Tsukamoto, starring Hayato Ichihara, Kuranosuke Sasaki

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