Seen in Jeonju


14th April 2010


I received the below email this morning. Frankly, I was unsure if it was spam or not at first. I actually get a lot of spam promising to boost my visitors–all of which I ignore. But this one seemed different as the site is actually about movies. Plus the custom banner was a nice touch.If I don’t have to do anything more than I am already doing, I see no harm in linking: 

 My name is Ben, a Community Manager with  (If you haven’t heard of us yet, we’re the world’s largest community of movie enthusiasts.)  I really like Seen in Jeonju and wanted to include you in a new program we’re rolling out called Flixster Certified Bloggers.  Here’s what you’ll get for your participation:

  • Traffic & Exposure:  Get exposure to Flixster’s 120M users via a link to your blog in our Certified Blogger directory.
  • Search Engine Recognition:  Flixster will link to your blog, which will provide your pages with a boost in Page Rank, meaning more traffic for you.
  • Featured Blogger Consideration:  Once a month (starting soon), our editors will select, publish, and promote a review written by a Certified Blogger in our directory.
  • Certified Blogger Trophy:  To let your readership know the Flixster Community loves your blog, we’ve also created a custom trophy identifying you as a Certified Blogger.
If you’d like to join us, all we ask is that you post one of the trophies we’ve created for you (attached to this email) on your blog (or just a link back to us at  
Thanks Ben! Glad you like the blog. Things like page rank or visitor count are never things I think about–but I will let Seen In Jeonju be linked if it helps raise the visibity of Korean films even a little.

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