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Korean Box Office: May 14-16

18th May 2010


The Housemaid made it into the first slot of the box office ranks this past weekend. Perhaps that is not surprising to many of us but it is actually a greater feat than it sounds.  No, not because of Ironman 2 or Robin Hood, both of which offered tough competition. It is because of the films rating. Being labeled (rightfully) 18+, cut its audience potential –high school students make up a major portion of movie-goers. The other new Korean film that had accompanied The Housemaid to Cannes, Poetry, did not fair as well–opening at number 7. What is new this week?  See below…


1. Fine, Totally Fine (jp)– d. Yosuke Fujita, starring Yosiyosi Arakawa, Yoshiro Kimura

2. How to Train your Dragon (us)– d. Dean Deblois, starring Jay Baruchel, Gerard Butler www.???????.kr

3. Nae Ggangpae Gateun Aein (kr) — d. Kim Kwang-shik, starring Park Joong-hoon, Jeong Yoo-mi <no English title listed yet but the Korean title translates as My Gangster-like Lover>

4. Nightmare on Elm Street (us)– d. Samuel Bayer, starring Jackie Earle Haley, Rooney Mara

5. Tokyo Taxi (kr/jp)– d. Kim Tae-shik, starring Masasi Yamada, Hajime Yamazaki

6. Yeohang (kr)– d. Bae Chang-ho, starring Kim Yoo-mi, Park Sang-gyu <no English title listed-but the name translates at The Trip>

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