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Korean Box Office: June 4-June 6

7th June 2010


I’ll post what is being released in theaters this week tomorrow on this page… right now I really have to start correcting some of these exams…

Edit: It is now tomorrow and I have posted this week’s new releases below. We have the summer’s first horror films coming with Halloween 2 and Gwi opening. Gwi doesn’t have an English title yet… Speaking of titles, Karate Kid is opening as well under the name Best Kid.  This was the title that the original Karate Kid series opened under in Korea.   I don’t feel that any of these new films are strong contenders for number 1 and I suspect that The Servant will continue to hold the top spot next week.


1. A-Team (us)– d. Joe Carnahan, starring Liam Neeson, Bradley Cooper

2. Blood & Chocolate (us)–d. Katia von Garnier, starring Agnes Brucker, Hugh Dancy

3. Gwi (kr)– d. Kim Jo Gwang-soo,Yeo Myeong-joon, Hong Dong-myeong, starring Shin Ji-soo, Kim Ggot-bi  <no English title yet but the Korean title translates as simply ‘Ghost’>

4. Halloween 2 (us)– d. Rob Zombie, starring Tyler Mane, Scout Taylor-Compton

5. Karate Kid (us)– d. Harold Zwart, starring Jaden Smith, Jackie Chan

6. Lego (us)– d. Howard Baker, starring Ryan Mcparthin, Yvonne Straholvski

7. Sex In the City 2 (us)– d. Michael King, starring Sarah Jessica Parker, Kim Cattrall

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