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DVD (and Blue Ray) Releases: June 13-19

14th June 2010

hello stranger

GIJOOKIJI MARA– ‘Human Theater’ is one of the longest running documentaries in Korea. It debuted in 2001 and continues to this day airing 30 minute episodes Monday thru Friday. Each week, the show follows one person/family as they go through their daily lives. Usually this person is quite poor or facing many challenges but are often, but the end of the week, very uplifting. Sometimes the stories are quite interesting–I watched one week when it focused on former child star Lee Seung-hyeon (Yalgae: A Joker In High School–and many other movies of the 70s)–that one was not uplifting–they guy has not been doing very well since he got older. He might be an interesting person to do an article on….   Anyway, this DVD is an episode which KBS claims is the best of Human Theater. The specifics are:  Subtitles: Korean/ Rating: All Ages/ Audio: Dolby Digital 2.0/Format: 16:9 anamorphic widescreen/ Region Code: All Regions/ Price: 19,800/ Release Date: June 15

Also pictued above is HELLO, STRANGER– An independent film released last year, Hello Stranger is the story of a North Korean refuge who finishes his orientation to South Korean life at a training institute and is relocated to Seoul where he promptly gets lost. He is helped by a taxi driver who is also a refugee. The next day he finds that he has the opportunity to return the favor and help someone else when he meets an illegal immigrant for Vietnam on a bus to Busan. The Vietnamese man is looking for his girlfriend in Buan but got on the wrong bus. The dvd is released as a single disk. Subtitles: Korean, English/ Rating: ages 12+/ Audi: Dolby Digital 5.1/ Format: 16:9 letterbox widescreen/ Region Code: All Regions/ Price: 19,800/ Release Date: June 15.  I will definitley be ordering this one.

thirst br

THIRST <Blue Ray>–The dvd of Thirst was released months ago. The Blue Ray version has Korean and English subtitles, rated for ages 18 plus, has Audio of 5.1 DTS-HD Master Audio and is formated in 1080P HD/2.35:1 AVC.  The recommended price will be 33,000KRW

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