Seen in Jeonju

Korean Box Office: July 30-August 1

2nd August 2010


Salt was the number one movie in Korea this weekend although Inception gave it quite a run for its money, just barely missing the top spot and landing at number two. Media hailed Death Bell 2 as a success despite its box office take being barely a third of the number one film. That is because horror movies do not traditionally do well in Korea–especially recently–and opening at number 4 was seen as an excellent showing. I am happy to report that Pagwedwen Sanai was finally assigned an international name last week, Man of Vendetta, but it slipped out of the top ten this weekend and came in at number 12, just behind Ajeoshi which was given a test run on 10 screens nationally. Ajeoshi— which reminds me of the 1994 French film Leon every time I see the trailer–officially opens this Thursday along with the films listed below.


1. Ajeoshi (kr)–d. Lee Jeong-beom, starring Won Bin, Kim Sae-rom

2. Blackout (us)– d. Rigoberto Castaneda, starring Amber Tamblyn, Aiden Gillen <opening in Korea as Elevator>

3. I Give My First Love To You (jp)–d. Takehiko Shinjo starring Masaki Okada, Mao Inoue

4. Step Up 3D (us)– d. Jon Chu, starring Sharni Winson, Rick Malambri

5. Toy Story 3 (us)– d. Lee Unkrich, voiced by Tom Hanks, Tim Allen

6. Two Eyes Staring (nd)– d. Elbert Van Strien, starring Isabelle Stokkel, Charlotte Arnoldy <opening as simply Two Eyes in Korea>

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