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Korean Box Office: August 13-15

15th August 2010


Well, after all the controversy and being in front of the rating’s board three times, I Saw the Devil was finally allowed to open in Korea with a rating that allowed those over 18 years old to watch it. However, the high rating and hoopla surrounding its opening seemed to hurt the film as it was unable to take the top spot away from A Man From Nowhere which remains at number one for its second week in a row.  Meanwhile, despite beginning to slip in the box office ranks, Inception has done exceptionally well with nearly five million viewers in Korea.

Of the films opening this coming week, the one I am waiting for is Pyega.  It is one of those ‘mockumentaries’ such as Blair Witch Project or Paranormal Activities.  Some websites inaccurately claim that it is Korea’s first such film, but that distiction goes to Mokdugi Video back in 2003 or 2004. Unfortunately, that movie has never received a DVD release and I don’t think was seen outside of Korea–which is too bad. It was low budget, but a well-crafted film with some ‘realistic’ ghost hunting.  You should check out the trailer through the link listed below.


1. Expendables (us)– d. Sylvester Stallone, starring Sylvestor Stallone, Jason Statham

2. Kaiji: Ultimate Gambler (jp)– d. Toya Sato, starring Tatsuya Fujiwara, Yuki Amami

3. Last Airbender (us)– d. M. Night Shyamalan, starring Noah Ringer, Dev Patel

4. Lissi and the Wild Emperor (de)– d. Michael Herbig, voiced by Michael Herbig, Christian Tramitz

5. Magic Chunja (kr)– d. Yoon Yeong-gi

6. Pyega (kr)– d. Lee Cheol-ha, starring Shin Kyeong-seon, Jeon Il-geol

7. Space Chimps 2 (kr)– d. John H. Williams–Korean dubbed version is being released in theaters voiced by Uhm Sang-hyeon, Jeong Jae-hyeon

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