Seen in Jeonju

Index of 1971: 151-165

10th September 2010

With classes starting in earnest, it has been a busy week. I have not had much time where I could post here.  I don’t have that many classes, but I have been meeting with returning students–I miss them during vacations– plus I have been in the middle of planning a large language exchange program. But it is the weekend now. I can work on the blog and watch movies ’til my eyes fall out.  And I have a lot to watch including the Lee Man-hee Boxset that came today with the collection of short films called Nice Shorts.  But for now, here are the next 15 films produced in Korea in 1971, Click the thumbnail to see a full-sized image. These can aslo be accessed by director through the tab at the top of the page marked Movies of the 70s.

1971-151, 1971-152, 1971-153, 1971-154, 1971-155, 1971-156, 1971-157, 1971-158, 1971-159, 1971-160, 1971-161, 1971-162, 1971-163, 1971-164, 1971-165

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