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Korean Box Office: Sept. 17-19

20th September 2010


A Better Tomorrow, a remake of the Hong Kong film The Invincibles, took the top spot in the box office this last weekend. However, it was not an easy win. The top three films, which also included Resident Evil 4 (in 3D) and Cyrano Agency, were separated by less than 3 percentage points in the national charts.  I put an asterisk next to the number 4 film, Troubleshooter. Two weeks ago, when listing the films awaiting release, I listed this movie starring Seol Kyeong-gu as Troubleshooter, but last weekend, when it was number on, the Daum Film site was calling it Trapped. As KOFIC had not listed what English name it was going to officially carry, I assumed that Daum had inside knowledge as it is one of the largest search engines in Korea and followed suit when I made the chart last Monday. My mistake. Daum is still listing the film as Trapped, but officially KOFIC is calling it Troubleshooter. While the numbers were a little low this past weekend, that will certainly change this week. The Chuseok holiday begins Tuesday. Most companies have this entire week out. New movies opening this Thursday will be able to take advantage of the holiday as well. These films are listed below.


1. Banga? Banga! (kr)– d. Yoon Sang-hyeon, starring Kim In-gwon, Kim Jeong-tae

2. Eat, Pray, Love (us)– d. Ryan Murphy, starring Julia Roberts, Javer Barden

3. Eight Sentiments (kr)– d. Seong Ji-hye, starring Kim Yeong-ho, Hwang In-yeong

4. Man From Earth (us)– d. Richard Schenkman, starring David Lee Smith, John Billingsley

5. Norwegian Woods (kr)– d. No Jin-soo, starring Jeong Kyeong-ho, Park In-soo

6. Resilience (kr/us)–d. Tammy Chu, starring No Myeong-ja, Brent <documentary>

7. Salinui Kang (kr)– d. Kim Dae-hyeon, starring Kim Da-hyeon, Shin Shin Seong-rok

8. Univited (kr)–d. Lee Eung-il, starring Kim Jin-shik, Won  Kang-yeong

4 Responses to “Korean Box Office: Sept. 17-19”

  1. Matt Winchell Says:

    A Better Tomorrow, a remake of the Hong Kong film The Invincibles

    The Hong Kong film is called A Better Tomorrow and the Korean remake is called 무적자, ‘The Invincibles’, but it doesn’t have an official English title yet. Anyway, looking forward to seeing it! It’s ballsy remaking a classic like “A Better Tomorrow”.

  2. Tom Says:

    According to KOFIC, the official English title will be A Better Tommorow as well. That information comes from the KOFIC website

    I am looking forward to seeing this too. I will watch it either tonight or tomorrow.

  3. Adam Hartzell Says:

    What’s NORWEGIAN WOODS about? Cricket?

  4. Tom Says:

    Yeah, that poster is giving much away, is it? It’s about a group of people running around in the woods for various reasons…two were there to bury a body which has disappeared, three high school kids went to get high, two lovers are there just to make out.. and they all wind up running into a seriel killer. It’s a comic-thriller.