Seen in Jeonju

Index of 1971: 196-203

2nd October 2010

It was a very busy week. The program I have been organizing since last summer that will allow 20 students of my university to study in the US for the winter for free has started. This week I interviewed 90 students interested in taking part in it and have to cut 50 of them. The remaining forty will undergo a two month course and interview process and a final selection will be made later. But that kept me too busy to do much blogging this week.  However, I will try to catch up now–the ‘Films Awaiting Release’ section was updated as was the ‘My DVD’ list. This post will also complete the films produced in Korea in 1971. As always, click the thumbnails to view the full sized image. Movie data can also be accessed by director through the tab at the top of the page marked ‘Movies of the 70s’.  Next up: 1972!

1971-196, 1971-197, 1971-198, 1971-199, 1971-200, 1971-201, 1971-202, 1971-203

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