Seen in Jeonju

Index of 1972: 1-15

16th October 2010

Here are the first fifteen films produced in Korea in 1972. Back when I took the photos for these from the newpaper stacks in the basement of the university library, my old camera was on its last legs. I have since bought a new one, but some of the images may not be very clear, so for that I apologize.  Just click the thumbnail to see the full-sized image. They can also be accessed by director through the tab at the top of the page marked “Movies of the 70s”

72-001, 72-002, 72-003, 72-004, 72-005, 72-006, 72-007, 72-008, 72-009, 72-010, 72-011,72-012, 72-013, 72-014, 72-015

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