Seen in Jeonju

Box Office: October 15-17

18th October 2010


Midnight FM opened strong and took the top spot away from Cyrano Agency which had been first ranked for the past three weeks.  I expect it will probably remain there for another week as well. The only unexpected change in the box office is the appearance of Don’t Cry for Me Sudan which opened on September 9th.   This coming week, two new Korean films will open, but they have not yet been officially assigned English names so their romanized Korean names appear here. Hopefully, this will change by next week.  In pre-production, Chameul Soo Eobtda was being called ‘Loveholic‘.   A sequel to what I found to be THE most disappointing horror movie ever opens this week as well– Paranormal Activity 2.  However, I don’t think I will be tricked into paying to see it after the first film.  I’ll wait until its on tv…  These and other movies opening this week are listed below.


1. Chameul Soo Eobtda (kr)– d. Kwon Cheol-in, starring Jeong Chan, Choo Ja-hyeon

2. Dwenjang (kr)– d. Lee Seo-goon, starring Ryu Seung-ryong, Lee Yo-won

3. Nora’s Will (mx)– d. Mariana Chenillo, starring Fernando Luian, Silvia Mariscal

4. Paranormal Activity 2 (us)– d. Tod Williams, starring Katie Featherstone, Gabriel Liotta

5. Planet 51 (sp/uk/us)– d. Jorge Blanco, voiced by Dwayne Johnson

6. Silence Before Bach (sp)– d. Pere Portabella, Feodor Atkine, Alex Brendemuhl

7. Skate or Die (fr)- Miguel Courtois, starring Mickey Mahut, Idriss Diop

8. Wall Street 2 (us)– d. Oliver Stone, starring Michael Douglas, Shia LeBeouf

3 Responses to “Box Office: October 15-17”

  1. anònim Says:

    “Silence Before Bach” made it to Korea? Wow.
    Any idea of where is it showing?

  2. Tom Says:

    I checked the websites of CGV, Cinus and Megabox–It looks like the only one of those three that will show it is CGV at their theater in Abgujeong. It looks like screenings are limited to three times a day

  3. anònim Says:

    Thank you!

    It isn’t exactly a mainstream film, and the director isn’t willing to release it on DVD, so it is kind of difficult to find. If you are interested, you should go there soon, I don’t think it will last in theater for a long time. :)