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Korean Box Office: Oct. 22-24

25th October 2010


Midnight FM spent a well-deserved second weekend at the top of the box office charts, although the total number of viewers is relatively light. This may be a combination of fantastic fall weather which is set to end this week with the threat of first frost and the fact that most universities are starting midterm exams this week. However, the low total notwithstanding, the film handily beat out the second tier film, Paranormal Activity 2. Frankly I am surprised that Paranormal Activity did so well.  I will wait until I hear from someone who has seen it before I decide if I will take a chance with the sequel.  Chameul Soo Eobta did wind up with the official English title Loveholic and Dwenjang was given the name The Recipe.  This week, there is one film currently lacking an official English title, but I expect one to be assigned any day now. That film is the new Ryu Seung-wan film, Boodang Georae starring the director’s brother Ryu Seung-Beom as well as Hwang Jeong-min. More info is below on that and other films being released this coming Thursday.


1. Acustic (kr)– d. Yoo Sang-heon, starring Shin Se-kyeong, Im Seul-woong

2. Boodang Georae (kr)– d. Ryu Seung-wan, starring Hwang Jeong-min, Ryu Seung-beom

3. Come Closer (kr)– d. Kim Jong-gwan, starring Yoong Gye-sang, Jeong Yoo-mi

4. Last Chance Harvey (us)– d. Joel Hopkins, starring Dustin Hoffman, Emma Thompson

5. Legend of the Guardians (us)– d. Zack Snyder, voiced by Hugo Weaving, Jim Sturgess

6. Natalie (kr)– d. Joo Kyeong-joong, starring Lee seong-jae, Kim Ji-hoon

7. Second Half (kr)– d. Jo Seong-gyu, starring Ryu Seung-joo, Lee Som

8. Sky Crawlers (jp)– d. Mamoru Oshii, voiced by Ryo Kase, Rinko Kikuchi

9. Stool Pigeon (hk)– d. Danse Lam, starring Nicholas Tse, Lunnei Kwai

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