Seen in Jeonju

Box Office: November 5-7

10th November 2010


Well, I finally had a chance to put this up.  As I mentioned yesterday when I posted the review of Hearty Paws, I had forgotten to upload this for the past two days and the plates I had made using Photoshop were in my office–so it was late. The top film, Unjust, did not change but there were major changes throughout the rest of the box office as a swarm of new films took control. Red and Bad Couple vied for the second tier with Red coming out on top over the weekend but Bad Couple gathering more of an audience overall when its opening day totals are added in. (The number on the chart above represents the total number of viewers since the films opened–NOT the weekend totals)  Interestingly, the Spanish animation Planet 51 remained in the top ten in Jeonju but ranked twenty-first nationally. 


1. Choneung Ryeonkja (kr)– d. Kim Min-seok, starring Kang Dong-wan, Ko Soo

2. Disappearance of Haruchi Suzumiya (jp)– d. Tatsuya Ishihara voiced by Yuko Goto, Tomokazu Sugita

3. Exam (uk)– d. Stuart Hazeldine, starring Natalie Cox, Colin Salmon

4. Rise (us)– d. Sebastian Gutierrez, starring Lucy Liu, Cameron Richardson (opening as Blood Hunter)

5. Secret in their Eyes (ar/sp)– d. Juan Jose Campanella, starring Ricardo Darin, Soledad Villamil

6. Stool Pigeon (hk)– d. Dante Lam, starring Nicholas Tse, Lunmei Kwai

7. Unstoppable (us)– d. Tony Scott, starring Denzel Washington, Chris Pine

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