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Korean Box Office: Nov. 19-21

22nd November 2010


Choin’s super-powered action kept this film safely at the top of the box office charts for a second week in a row, taking in more than a third of the ticket sales over the weekend. It’s closest runner up depended on where you live–either Social Network or the Unjust. The Korean film whose title translates as ‘Two Women’ was assigned an English name last week and is now being called Love In Between. It opened at a disappointing 8th though the other new Korean film, Festival, fared much better. This week sees the remake of the Manchu opening as well as actress Song Hye-gyo in an Amercian film, Fetish (although I don’t imagine that it will get much screen time), Song Seung-heon in a Japanese remake of Patrick Swayze’s Ghost and the return of Kim Hae-soo and Han Seok-gyu. Information on these and the other new films being released this week appears below…


1. Concert (fr/it)– d. Radu Milhaileanu, starring Aleksey Guskov, Melanie Laurent

2. Due Date (us)– d. Todd Phillips, starring Robert Downey Jr., Azch Galifianakis

3. Fetish (us)– d. Soopum Sohn, starring Song Hye-gyo, Arno Frisch

4. Ghost (jp)– d. Tarou Ohtani, starring Song Seung-heon, Nanako Maisushima

5. Heartbeats (ca)– dXavier Dolan, starring Monica Cokri, Niels Schneider

6. Icheunui Akdang (kr)– d. Son Jae-gon, starring Kim Hae-soo, Han Seok-gyu

7. Manchu (kr)– d. Kim Tae-yong, starring Hyeon Bin, Wei Tang

8. Skyline (us)– d. Greg Strause, starring Eric Balfour, Scottie ThompsonĀ

9. There’s to My Misfortune (kr)– d. Han Sang-min, starring Bae Jae-ki, Jeong Jae-shik

10. Woori Mannan Jeok Itnayo (kr)– d. Im Jin-pyeong, starring Park Jae-jeong, Yoon So-yi

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