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DVD Releases: December 5-11

4th December 2010

One documentary set, two movies and a tv drama are slated to be released this coming week onto DVD. I am suspicious that the drama may be delayed as the image I received with these releases is not of the DVD, just a poster. First up, the documentary…

border city

BORDER CITY 1,2– Hong Hyeong-sook’s award winning documentaries about life on the edge of the DMZ. The first film was made in 2002 and aired the following year. The sequel was filmed in 2009 and screened in March of this year. These films have won awards at The Pusan International Film Festival, DMZ Documentary Film Festival, Seoul Indie Film Festival and the Korean Independent Film Festival.¬†Number of discs: 2/ Subtitles: Korean & English/ Rating: Ages 15+/ Format: 4:3 Full screen/ Audio: Dolby Digital 2.0/ Special Features: Booklet, Music Video, Talking About Border City, Meet the Audience, Staff Comments/ Recommended Price: 42,000 KRW/ Available: December 7

grace is gone

THE MAN WHO CANNOT MARRY– A KBS drama starring Ji Jin-hee, Uhm Jeong-hwa, Kim So-eum and Yang Jeong-ah.¬† Number of discs: 6 (episdoes 1-16)/ Subtitles: English/ Format: 16:9/ Audio: Dolby Digital 2.0/ Special Features: Deleted Scenes, Main Characters, Production Notes, Comic Couple, Special Love, ‘Real’ Story/ Recommended Price: 77,000 KRW/ Available: December 8

AUDITION–A 2009¬†animation directed by Min Kyeong-jo. It is the story of a small, 4-member band attempting to enter a contest but to pass the auditions, they have to outplay more than 300 other groups. Number of discs: 1/ Subtitles: None/ Rating: All ages/ Format: 1.85:1 Anamorphic Widescreen/ Audio: Dolby Digital 2.0/ Running time: 97 minutes/ Recommended Price: 22,000 KRW/ Available: December 8

DEATH BELL 2: GRACE IS GONE– Starring Kim Soo-ro, Hwang Jeong-eun, Yoon Shi-yoon Park Ji-yeon. Number of discs: 2/ Subtitles: Korean & English/ Rating: Ages 15+/ Format: 2.35:1 Anamorphic Widescreen/ Audio: Dolby Digital 5.1/ Special Features: commentary by dir. Yoo Seon-dong, Hwang Jeong-eun, Yoon Shi-yoon and Park Ji-yeon, 100 minutes worth of other extras on disc 2 but their headings, like ‘that time, that place,’ make it difficult to discern what each contains/ Recommended Price: 27,500 KRW/ Available: December 10

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