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Korean Box Office: December 3-5

6th December 2010


A new romantic comedy, which has not yet received an official, international name from KOFIC, dominated the box office. JjeJjehan Romance took in twice the number of audience as the second place film, Warrior’s Way starring one of Korea’s top stars, Jang Dong-geun.  The limited test screening of Voyage of the Dawn Treader, the third film of the Chronicles of Narnia stories took fifth place. It will receive an official opening this week  and the number of screens it shows on will greatly increase. I fully expect that film to be number one next weekend. Among the other films opening next week, there is an oddity. The K-Pop band 2A.M. has a 3-D concert film being released. This is strange for a number of reasons, one being that I do not recall ever noticing a living band filming a concert for theatrical release before. For video/dvd and tv, yes but not for theaters. The second point I find unusual is that it is in 3D. Keep in mind, this is not a movie with a story, only the concert. Asisde from the light show that probably appears during the concert, what reason is there for making this film three dimensional?  Someone else will have to tell me because I don’t think I will be watching it..or anything else..this weekend. Final exams start next week and I will  be busy preparing them.


1. Buried (sp)– d. Rodrigo Cortes, starring Ryan Reynolds, Stephen Tobolowsky

2. Hakuna Matata (kr)– d. Lee Chang-gyu <documentary>

3. Kim Jong-wook Chatgi (kr)– d. Jang Yoo-jeong, starring Lee Soo-jeong, Kong Yoo

4. Nowhere Boy (uk)–d. Sam Wood, starring Aaron Johnson, Thomas Sangster

5. Protege (hk)– d. Tung-shin Lee, starring Andy Lau, Daniel Wu

6. Seoseo Janeun Namu (kr)– d. Song In-seon, starring Song Chang-ui, Seo Ji-hye

7. Tourist (us)– d. Florian von Donnersmark, starring Johnny Depp, Angelina Jolie

8. 2AM Show (kr)– d. Jeong Seong-bok, starring Jo Kwon, Lee Chang-min

9. Voyage of the Dawn Treader (us)– d. Michael Apted, starring Ben Barnes, Skander Keynes

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