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Korean Box Office: November 6-8

8th November 2009



Since its opening three weeks ago, Good Morning President has sold more than two million tickets and has been at the top of the box office the entire time.  That seems likely to end this week however with the opening of 2012 which is receiving an incredible amount of hype.  Not only is the teaser ad frequently on television, but the networks are getting involved as well by airing disaster movies  to get us in the mood.  Oh, well… I might have gotten sucked into excitment that the media seems intent on building, but then I realized that it was made by the same director who gave us The Day After Tomorrow, Independence Day and .. worst of all… 10,000 B.C!  Judging from those movies I can guess how this one will end… Millions may die, but the hero’s family will escape and live happily ever after through the power o’ love…    I hope A Camel Doesn’t Leave the Desert’s limited release allows it to open around here…


A. 2012 (us)–d. Roland Emmerich, starring John Cusack, Amanda Peet

B. A Camel Doesn’t Leave the Desert (kr)–d. Jo Gyu-jang, starring Kim Nak-hyeong, Kim Hyeon-joo

C. Cheongdam Bosal (kr)– d. Kim Jin-yeong, starring Park Ye-jin, Im Chang-jeong    now called Fortune Salon

D. Eoddeom Bangmoon (kr)– d. Hong Sang-soo et. al., starring Jeong Yoo-mi, Moon Seong-geun  now called Visitors

E. Genova (uk)– d. Michael Winterbottom, starring Colin Firth, Willa Holland

F. Nineteen (kr)–d. Jang Yong-woo, starring TOP, SeungRi

G. Postman to Heaven (kr)–d. Lee Hyeong-min, starring Yeongyong Jae-joong, Han Hyo-joo

H. Tricks (fin)–d. Andrej Jakimowski, starring Damian Ul, Ewelina Walendziak

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