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Korean Box Office 2011: January 28-31

31st January 2011


Large shifts occurred this past weeked many new films hit theaters in time for the Lunar New Year holiday.  Joseon Myeongtam Jeong, Pyeongyang Seong (neither of which have received official English names as of this writing) and Gulliver’s Travels pushed the former number one movie, Glove, down to fourth place. Oddly, there are only two new movies opening this week, neither of them likely to have any influence on the box office at all.  These movies are listed below.


1. Big Bang Live Concert: Big Show 3 D (kr)– d. Song Seok, starring G. Dragon, T.O.P 

2. The Secret Lives of Pippa Lee (us)– d. Rebecca Millar, starring Robin Wright, Keanu Reeves

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