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Korean Box Office: Feb. 11-13

14th February 2011


Detective K managed to not only survive some potentially strong competition from new movies but to dominate and remain firmly in the number one spot for a third week in a row with Rapunzel as its closest rival. Interestingly, the lower half of the box office chart was comprised mostly of films that have not been officially released yet; 127 Hours, Aideul…, and Geudaereul Saranghabnida. The latter two films have not yet received English titles but I am particularly interested in Aideul…   It is based on the real life disappearance of five young boys who went off to catch frogs in the woods outside of Daegu and never returned. A film was made about the incident in 1990, but at the time no one knew if the children were alive or dead.  Four or five years ago, the remains of the children were found, apparently moved from wherever they had been hidden earlier, with clear evidence of foul play. The fact that they were moved and re-buried is pretty convincing evidence that the killer is still out there. I expect that film will do quite well but it is hard to predict with 16 other films being released on the same day. They are all listed below.


1. Aideul… (kr)– d. Lee Gyu-man, starring Park Yong-woo, Ryu Seung-ryong

2. Atashin’chi (jp)– d. Tetsuo Yasumi, voiced by Kumiko Watanbe, Fumiko Orikasa

3. Confessions (jp)– d. Tetsuya Nakashima, starring Takako Matsu, Masaki Okada

4. Geudaereul Saranghabnida (kr)– d. Choo Chang-min, starring Lee Soon-jae, Yoon So-jeong

5. Late Autumn (kr)– d. Kim Tae-yong, starring Hyeon Bin, Wei Tang

6. Lourdes (au)– d. Jessica Hausner, starring Sylvie Testud, Lea Seydoux

7. Mechanic (us)– d. Simon West, starring Jason Statham, Ben Foster

8. Miyoko (jp)– d. Yoshifumi Tsubota, starring Kenji Mizuhashi, Marie Machida

9. Mongol (de)– d. Sergei Bodrov, starring Tadanobu Asano, Honglei Sun

10. 127 Hours (us)– d. Danny Boyle, starring James Franco, Kate Mara

11. Paris 36 (fr)– d. Christophe Barratier, starring Geraud Jugnot, Clovis Cornillac

12. Re-Encounter (kr)– d. Min Yong-geun, starring Yoo Da-in, Yoo Yeon-seok

13. Soul Kitchen (de)– d. Fatih Akin, starring Moritz Bleibtreu, Birol Unel

14. Super Monkey Returns (kr)– d. Shin Dong-yeob, starring Kim Byeong-man, Ham Min-gwan

15. Tundra (kr)– d. Kim Jong-il, Jang Kyeong-soo, starring Lee Yong-taek, Kim Tae-jeong <documentary>

16. Unknown (us)– d. James Collet-Serra, starring Liam Neeson, Diane Kruger

17. Whisper (us)– d. Stewart Hendler, starring Josh Holloway, Sarah Collins

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