Seen in Jeonju

Index of 1973: 106-121

11th March 2011

Here are the final 16 movies produced in Korea in 1973. That year is now finished!  Up next.. well, one would think it would be 1974. But I might change direction just slightly. A few weeks ago, I posted the films on Ahn Byeong-ki in ‘The 2000s’ section and I am contemplating finishing the 70s by completing each director in order.  The change has come about for a practical reason… I have apparently misplaced 1974.  It was the only year that was not backed up and realizing that I said to myself a few weeks ago that I need to keep it someplace safe until I could copy it… Now if I could just remember where I put the flashdrive that had the completed images…

73-106, 73-107, 73-108, 73-109, 73-110, 73-111, 73-112, 73-113, 73-114, 73-115, 73-116, 73-117, 73-118, 73-119, 73-120, 73-121

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