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Korean Box Office: April 1-3

4th April 2011

Let’s see..  This past week I watched several Korean movies including A Shark (2007),  Chasing the Ghost Sound (2010) and Empty Dream (1965).  I have been wanting to write something about them, but I like to put in images of their posters at least… Blogging without photos is like writing a report. Hopefully the image function will be working soon.  In the meantime, here is how the box office looked after this past weekend:

1. Dangerous Meeting (kr)   2. King’s Speech (uk)  3. Julia’s Eyes (es)  4. I Love You (kr) 5. World Invasion (us)  6. Little Black Dress (kr)  7. My Name is Kahn (in)  8. Little Fockers (us)  9. Vanishing on 7th Street (us)  10. Black Swan (us)

The Korean film Dangerous Meeting landed in first on its opening weekend taking 44.2% off the total box office sales on 596 screens. The film has had 688,547 people see it in theaters Last week’s number one movie, The King’s Speech, slipped to number two but earned just 9.0% of sales on 341 screens. 694,195 people in Korea have seen it since it opened on March 17th.  Number three was Julia’s Eyes which I was happy to see. It is rare that a Spanish film does so well in Korea. Finally, I Love You tenaciously held onto it’s number 4 rank once again.  That makes it 5 weeks in a row now.

The 10 news movies opening in  Korean theaters this coming week are listed alphabetically below:

1. AVH (us)– d. Scott Harper, starring Willaim Katt, Deedee Pfieffer

2. HESSEN CONSPIRACY (be)– d. Paul Bruels, starring Michael Bowen, Norman Bowman

3. IT BEGINS WITH THE END (fr)– d. Michael Cohen, starring Michael Cohen, Emmanuelle Beart

4. KILL SPEED (us)– d. Kim Bass, starring Andrew Keegan, Brandon Quinn

5. LAST NIGHT (us)– d. Massy Tadjedin, starring Keira Knightley, Sam Worthington

6. NEVER LET ME GO (us)–d. Mark Romanek, starring Keira Knightley, Carey Mulligan

7. PAUL (es)– d. Greg Mottola, starring Simon Pess, Nick Frost

8. SUCKER PUNCH (us)– d. Zack Snyder, starring Emily Browning, Abbie Cornish

9. WAY BACK (kr)– d. Steve Lee, starring Yoo Seong-il, Park Glena

10. WOORI IUTUI BEONJWI– d. Min Byeong-jin, starring Shin Hyeon-joon, Jeon No-mi <English title not yet assigned>

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