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Index of 70s: Yoo Hyeon-mok

23rd April 2011

Up until now, I had been working on the index of Korean films by year. But with this post, I am changing a little and working on the films by director– in this case Yoo Hyeon-mok.  I am still looking to finish the 1970s first before moving on to other decades, but Yoo only made a few films in the 70s –and I had already posted two of them. So to make this post a little longer, I included director Yoo’s films from the 1950s as well. (His films from the 60s, 80s and 90s will have to wait for now)  These and many other plates can be accessed by clicking the appropriate decade tab at the top of this page and searching by director’s last name.

yoo hyeonmok flame 1975, yoo hyeonmok door 1977, yoo hyeonmok once long 1978, yoo hyeonmok song, yoo hyeonmok rainy 1979, yoo hyeonmok sadness, yoo hyeonmok crossroads, yoo hyeonmok lostyouth, yoo hyeonmok seizure,

yoo hyeonmok forever, yoo hyeonmok eventheclouds, yoo hyeonmok beautiful

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