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Korean Box Office: April 29-May 1

2nd May 2011


Marvel Comics’ god of thunder, Thor, easily wrested the top tier away from Fast Five this past weekend earning some 35% of the box office.  The next 6 films on the list were all Korean films–Suspicious Customers, Meet the In-Laws (formerly listed under the proposed title Dangerous Meetings), In Love and War, Sunny and Chepowang (not yet assigned an English title).  The last two films have not yet officially been released and will be on many more screens next weekend. There are several children’s films being released this week due to the Children’s Day holiday on May 5 and these will also benefit from the holiday on the 10th also as schools will be closed both days.  The full list of films being released can be seen below.


1. Certified Copy (fr)– d. Abbas Kiarastami, starring Juliette Binoche, William Shimell

2.  Chepowang (kr)– d. Im Chan-ik, starring Park Joong-hoon, Lee Seok-gyun

3. Hubble 3D (cn)– d. Toni Myers <documentary>

4. Listen to Your Heart (us)– d. Matt Thompson, starring Alexia Rasmussen, Kent Moran

5. Shinchan (jp)– d. Akira Shigino, voiced by Akiko Yajima, Miki Narahashi

6. Source Code (us)– d. Duncan Jones, starring Jake Gyllenhaal, Michelle Monaghan

7. Sunny (kr)– d. Kang Hyeon-cheol, starring Yoo Ho-jeong, Jin Hee-kyeong

8. Thomas & Friends (uk)– d.Greg Tiernan, voiced by Reverand Awdry, Sharon Miller

9. Thunder 11 (jp)– d Yoshikazu Miyao, voiced by Yasnori Mitsuda, Natsumi Kameoka

10. Water for Elephants (us) — starring Francis Lawrence, starring Robert Pattinson, Reese Witherspoon

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