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Korean Box Office: May 6-8

9th May 2011


Last week both Sunny and Officer of the Year (listed at that time as Chepowang) received test openings and had nearly identical numbers. But this weekend there was a clear winner as Sunny took nearly 25% of the box office totals– twice as much as Officer of the Year Source Code also did fairly well, booting Thor down to the third tier. (I had been thinking about seeing Thor as I used to like the character from comic books– but after I report I had on it today, I will wait until its on tv to see it).  This week, the only Korean movies opening in theaters are documentaries, meaning that they will have limited screenings and no large impact on the box office. The only film that might is Chinese Ghost Story. I have fond memories of the original film and I hope the remake is good.  Information about this week’s films is listed below after the image.


1. BANGKOK KNOCKOUT (th)– d. Panna Rittikrai, starring Chatcapal Apichart, Kittisak Outchit

2. BEOBJEONG SEUNIMUI UIJA (kr)– d. Im Seong-goo <documenatry, not yet assigned English title>

3. CHINESE GHOST STORY (ch)– d. Wilson Yib, starring Yifei Liu, Louis Koo

4. NO NAME STARS (kr)– d. Kim Tae-il, starring Yang Dong-nam, Yang In-hwa <documentary>

5.  REDLINE (jp)– d. Takeshi Koike, voiced by Takuya Kmura, Yu Aoi

6. SEX AND ZEN 3D (hk)– d. Christopher Sun Lab Key, starring Saori Hara, Tony Ho

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