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Korean Box Office: May 13-15

16th May 2011


Sunny, which climbed to number one last week when it officially opened, not only remained at the top but also increased its percentage of box office take. This may be partially due to the increase in the number of screens it played on but also because of  the fact that word of mouth reviews have been quite favorable. Source Code also held its place at number 2, while Officer of the Year and Thor reversed places from last week, winding up at three and four respectively. However, although it experienced upward movement on the box office chart, Officer of the Year actually lost percentage of  the box office take-this week being in the single digits.

This coming weeks sees the opening of Pirates of the Caribbean 4.  The first Pirates film did very well in Korea, but the series has done progressively worse with each new release. I only got through about 10 or 20 minutes of the third film of the series… I turned it off somewhere around the scene where the parrot and monkey operate the canon to shoot pirates from Singapore (?) or somewhere.  I expect the fourth installment to have a big impact on the box office the first weekend.. but we will have to wait to see if it has staying power. In case you don’t want to watch a movie based on a theme-park ride, the rest of the films being released this week are listed below.


1. Alamar (mx)– d. Pedro Gonsalez-Rubio, starring Jorje Machado, Natan Pablomini

2. Flowers (jp)– d. Norihiro Koizumi starring Yu Aoi, Ryoko Hirosue

3. Hwechori (kr)– d. Park Gwang-soo starring Ahn Nae-sang, Jin Ji-hee <English title pending>

4. Inside Job (us)– d. Charles Ferguson <documentary>

5. Lost Bladesman (ch)– d. Alan Mak, starring Donnie Yen, Andy On

6. My One and Only (us)– d. Richard Locraine starring Renee Zellweger, Logan Lerman

7. Pirates of the Caribbean 4 (us)– d. Rob Marshall, starring Johnny Depp, Penelope Cruz

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