Seen in Jeonju

Index of the 1970s: Choi Hoon and others

15th August 2011

Here are some more entries for the index I am building.  This one contains mostly the remaining films of Choi Hoon as well as a number of other directors.  All of these thumbnails can be clicked and enlarged to view the full image and cast/staff information.  You can also click the tab at the top of the page labeled ‘the 1970s’ where they are listed alphabetically by the director’s last name.

womendetectives choihoon, treeofdreams choihoon, makewayfortomorrow choi hoon, bestfriend choihoon, devotingmywholebody choihoon, heukpyokaek choihoon,butterflymaiden song yeongsoo, flyingturtleship song jeongyool, greatescape yoogichang kangdaeseon, itisyou shinsungil, kongjwipatjwi kang taewoong, 2000-006

oh– the last movie in this set isn’t from the 70s– it is from 2000.  I just put it in there because I made it months ago when I was experimenting with the new design and fonts for these plates.  It may not belong with these films based on year but really, how many of you actually remember Ghost Taxi?

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