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Index of the 70s: Choi Ha-won

23rd August 2011

Choi Ha-won, born Choi Seung-yong on August 19, 1937 and studied Korean Literature at Yeonsae University. He debuted in 1968 with Trees Stand on a Slope and his final film was in 1990, The Military Academy.  During the 1970’s Choi directed 17 films.  I had listed five previously when I was indexing by year, so here are the remaining dozen.  Information  on all his films, and the films of other directors can be viewed by clicking the tab at the top of the page marked ‘the 1970s’. 

choihawon 1974 seagullsdream, choihawon 1975 cattle, choihawon 1975 lastembrace, choihawon 1975 strangefeeling, choihawon 1976 coldheartedrent, choihawon 1976 imustlive, choihawon 1977 studentvolunteerarmy, choihawon 1977 target, choihawon 1978 climax, choihawon 1978 twilight, choihawon 1979 jadecolor, choihawon 1979 picnicfor30days

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