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Index of the 70s: Choi Hyeon-min

24th August 2011

Choi Hyeon-min was born as Choi Woo-il in South Habkyeong Provine, now part of North Korea.  He moved south for his studies and eventually went on to debut as a stage actor. By 1957, he was directing stage plays and in1959 worked as an assistant director to Jeon Chang-geun.  He started in earnest in the movie industry as a planner in the production departments in the mid-60s and continued in that area until 1991.  His directing career was relatively short, beginning in 1972 and finishing in 1983 during which time he directed just 11 films (The KMDb attributes a 12th film to him, but that is actually a creation by Choi In-hyeon)– Choi In-hyeon films are up next…   Click the thumbnail and enlarge to see the full sized plate and read the information.  All the films of the 1970s I have completed so far can be viewed by clicking the tab at the top of this page marked “the 1970s” where the movies are listed by director.

choihyeonmin 1975 annaswill, choihyeonmin 1976 schooldays, choihyeonmin 1976 threesisters, choihyeonmin 1976 youngcity, choihyeonmin 1977 dreamsofthetwo, choihyeonmin 1977 youth, choihyeonmin 1978 chorusofdoves

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