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Director Song Yeong-su

22nd November 2009

song yeong-suOriginally posted July 24, 2008–Director Song Yeong-su was born in Seoul in 1942. He attended Hanyang University majoring in Theater and Film. He was a pupil of such great directors as Lee Jang-ho, Ko Yeong-nam and Jo Moon-jin. He worked under them and other directors for a decade as an assistant director starting in 1969 with Director Jo’s film Young Women to 1976 with Choi In-ho’s movie Run, Don’t Walk.

In 1977,  Song finally had a chance to make his own film called Butterfly Maiden.  It was a fairly standard melodrama for its time about a college student who comes to the aid of a young woman who had collapsed in front of him. They share an appreciation of music, art and nature and with his help she is able to enrol in college. Of course, what the hero does not know is that she is dying of a rare disease…

Afterwards, Song directed ten more films: An Embrace in the Night (1981), Forbidden Love (1982), Jamsu Brideg Outside the Window (1985), Saturdays With No Nights (1986), We Are Going to Geneva Now (1987), The Wolf’s Curiosity Stole the Pigeons (1988), Reality (1988), A Story Inside a Handbag (1991), The Emperor of Cash (1992), and Boating Dance (1993).  Among these, his most critically acclaimed films is We Are Going to Geneva Now which was the story of a Vietnam vet is not readjusting well to life after the war and a young woman who keeps popping sleeping pills during their long train journey in an attempt to kill herself.

Song Yeong-su can be seen in a handful of movies as well. He had cameo appearances in Mist Whispers Like a Woman (1982), Scoundrels Below Zero (1982) and Age of Seduction (1986) and he has a fairly major role in 1984’s The Fire of Tandra.  However, his career was cut tragically short in 1996 when he passed away at just 54 years old.

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