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Index of the 70s: Ha Gil-jong

24th September 2011

Arguably the greatest director of the decade, Ha Gil-jong gave us the famous film March of Fools which managed to give a glimpse of how the youth of the era were struggling for a voice despite the extreme government censorship. However, his career was tragically short. He died at just 38 years old after suffering a massive stroke at the end of February 1979. He first feature length film was in 1972 and his last was released at the beginning of February 1979. Besides March of Fools and its sequel, he also directed the sequel to The Heavenly Homecoming of the Stars — the original was directed by Lee Jang-ho and the third in the series was directed by Lee Kyeong-tae.

I had earlier uploaded the first two of his films. These can be seen by clicking the tab marked ‘the 1970s’ and looking for Ha Gil-jong’s name– the directors are in alphabetical order and many films are uploaded there for your viewing.  The thumbnails below can also be clicked to enlarge and read.  Enjoy!

hagiljong 1975 marchoffools, hagiljong 1976 iamlookingforawife, hagiljong 1977 reincarnation, hagiljong 1978 heavenlyhomecoming2, hagiljong 1979 marchoffools2

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