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DVD Releases: Oct. 9-15

9th October 2011

time to loveI was not slacking off with blogging! But Wordpress went changed the site admin pages making it much more difficult to navigate (to me anyway). But the worst is that I cannot figure out how to attach pictures to posts! The icon to do that does not seem to work… I will have to go back and add images after that is straightened out. Anyway,

This week, just one Korean film is being released onto DVD, an independent movie entitled A Time To Love, co-directed by Joo Ji-yeong and Yang Ik-joon. Number of discs: 1// Subtitles: Korean and English// Rating: ages 15+// Format: 1.85:1 anamorphic widescreen// Audio: Dolby Digital 2.0// Running Time: 80 min// Suggested Retail Price: 25,300 KRW// Available: Oct. 13


Update:  After a week a staring blankly at the changes to Wordpress– it is now back to normal.  I can post again!!!

2 Responses to “DVD Releases: Oct. 9-15”

  1. Thanespune Says:

    Try the flash uploader (there is a button for this change under the upload one). I had the same problem some time ago.

  2. Pierce Conran Says:

    I have been having the same problem! What a nuisance.