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Index of the 70s: Han Heon-myeong and Hong Ui-bong

15th October 2011

Director Han Heon-myeong only made three films, all of them animations.  Two of the three were in the 1970s. He is responsible for the now-infamous changes made to the Golden Bat character, making him far too much like DC Comic’s Batman. His first movie featured Son Oh-kong, the monkey prince from Chinese mythology who has made several appearances in Korean films.

hanheonmyeong 1978 sonohkong, hanheonmyeong 1979 goldenbat

Hong Ui-bong’s made two films during the 1970s as well. His career extended into the 90s but he only made a total of 5 films that received theatrical releases. Most of his films dealt with the life of Koreans in the USA, the sole exception is his final final film. In 1980, his films added a religious aspect which was the dominant theme of his 1990 films. 

honguibong 1976 california90006, honguibong 1978 dayandnightofkomerican

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