Seen in Jeonju

Korean Box Office: Oct. 14-16

17th October 2011


Last week I posed the question whether or not Real Steel would be be able to take the number one position after a strong test run which landed it in number 4.  The answer is ‘yes’ as Real Steel (featuring the very talented Karl Yune in a supporting role) surged ahead and took nearly 40% of the box office totals.  At the same time, Silenced, which has been leading the box office for the past few weeks started its descent and wound up in fourth.  But perhaps the biggest news is the fact that out of the ten top films in the box office, 8 of them are Korean movies. I can’t think of when the last time that has happened…or even if it has ever happened before…

Like last week, two films that were given a test run prior to their official openings landed fairly high in the box office.. Always directed by one of my favorite directors, Song Il-gon, and Punch.  Also opening is Wido, a mystery starring Jeong Chan and Lee Doo-il.  Other films opening this week are Senna (uk), Major: the Pitch of Friendship (jp), Four Times (it), Sleeping Beauty (au), The Music Never Stopped (us), Paranormal Activities 3 (us), and U2 3D (us).

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