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Just Testing…

10th November 2011

korean old CF064     I am just testing to see if I can upload movie trailers.  So far, I have learned that I can only upload 4MB of video. The trailer I tried was 8MB so now I am trying an old commercial– one of the earliest Korean animations from around 1960 or 61…and ad for Jinro Soju.   I have no idea if this is going to work….

Ok– well the video seems to have been uploaded, but the image does not show up. If you click the above though, it will open whatever media player you use and it should show the commercial.  It worked for me and it might be a useful feature to show short movie trailers of new release.

3 Responses to “Just Testing…”

  1. Duncan Says:

    Why not embed it?

  2. Tom Says:

    When I post, I usually use the Visual codes and the clickable icons the blog host provides to upload pictures. However, when I do that with videos, I only was able to post the link.

    Thank you Duncan! You gave me an idea about how to post the videos successfully. Embedding did not work for me either when I first tried it.. The codes and link showed on the page,but nothing else. But then I switched from Visual to HTML just for the video and it worked!

  3. Duncan Says:

    Good to hear!