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Trailers for Korean films: November 17

15th November 2011

Now that I know how to post trailers, I can show the Korean films that are opening this week in one convenient place.  This week, five Korean movies will be opening in theaters.  First up is a documentary about cats called Dancing Cat.  The trailer I selected is the more upbeat of the two available as the film looks at the plight of stray cats in Korea. As a documentary, it will be receiving a limited opening.

Next is Secrets, Objects, a film directed by Son Gwang-ju and starring Jang Seo-hee, Jeong Seok-won and Lee Pil-mo

A third movie, called Characters, has no homepage or trailer and the fourth film, while it has a trailer, has no English name as of this writing. In Korean it is Wonbyeokhan Partner. It is about a forty-year old teacher who begins an affair with one of her students. Starring in this film are Kim Yeong-ho, Kim Hye-seon and Kim San-ho. It is directed by Park Heon-soo

I am probably looking forward to seeing the most out of the ones listed here. The film is called Ryangkang-do, Merry Christmas, North! Perhaps you know that there are some South Korean organizations that send balloons with messages and presents over the border into North Korea. This story is about what happens when a child includes a toy robot.

Finally, we close with another documentary– The Forgotten Bag.

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