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Index of the 70s: Im Won-shik

25th November 2011

Director Im Won-shik’s career began in the mid-sixties and ended in the early 90s. In the decade I am currently working on, Im Won-shik helmed 12 movies. I had already posted half of his films earlier. Information on these and the movies of other directors can be viewed by clicking the tab marked ‘the 1970s’ at the top of the page. The thumbnails below can be clicked as well to enlarge the plate and allow you to see a full-sized image.

imwonshik1974 arirang, imwonshik1974 excellentguys, imwonshik1974 exorcist, imwonshik1976 evenidontknowmymind, imwonshik1976 mother, imwonshik1977 towardsthehighplace

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