Seen in Jeonju

Trailers for Korean Films: December 1

29th November 2011

This coming week, the likely hot movie will be a film I have listed in English as both Chilling Romance and Eerie Romance– an official title will probably be posted by the weekend.

Next is the film Moscow–which I can’t find a proper trailer for.. but I did find this clip…

There is an award-winning documentary opening as well called White Jungle looking at the struggles of the poor of Seoul.

And finally, there is Gungdari Yurangdan, a documentary about an acting troupe consisting of differently abled performers.

2 Responses to “Trailers for Korean Films: December 1”

  1. Adam Hartzell Says:


    Definitely pass on whether Gungdari Yurangdan is going to get English subs or any type of DVD release because I’m anxious to watch it, since portrayals of Disability in Cinema is when of my many interests.


  2. Tom Says:

    Ok– I soon as I have that information, I’ll let you know