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Index of the 70s: Jang Il-ho

10th December 2011

I am currently knee-deep in final exams which have managed to eat up most of my free time and kept me from posting regularly this past week. I will be finished with them early next week and should have more time for a while– until I take my annual Christmas journey back to the US for three weeks with family.

Jang Il-ho’s film career began in the early 1960s and petered out in the early 1990s. While he made most of his films in the 1960s, his best known works today were from the late seventies and the 80’s, especially the One Love series reviewed on this site. Below are his movies from the 1970’s.  Just click the thumbnail and then enlarge to view a full-sized image.
jangilho1974 darkcircle, jangilho1974 darkhair, jangilho1974 thunderboltfist, jangilho1975 remodeledbeauty, jangilho1976 fivecommandents, jangilho1976 greatescapewomenprison, jangilho1976 womeninjail, jangilho1977 wardiary,jangilho1978 tripitikanakoreana

Up next are Jang Yeong-gook, Jeon Eung-joo and Jeon Jo-myeong

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