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The Independent: April 21, 1896

23rd December 2011

I am currently in the USA for the next three weeks and will not be able to easily watch Korean films. However, I took copies of The Independent with me so I could update my blog while here. Usual posts on Korean movies will shortly after I return to Korea on January 14. 

The Independent, April 21st, 1896


Local Item

A little girl about four years old was lost on the Big Bell street the day before yesterday and was picked up by the police and cared for at the Police Department awaiting the arrival or discovery of the parents.

The Peking Pass is temporarily blocked by a mass of stone and debris that has fallen in from the steep sides. Fortunately no one was passing at the time. Water percolating through the crevices and freezing probably caused the landslide. <In a later issue, I leared the “Peking Pass” was what the foreign community called the road between Pyeongyang and Seoul>

Hon. J. Komura the Japanese Minister has been made Envoy Extraordinary to Korea. We congratulate him and all concerned for he has proven himself to be the man for the position and a very delicate position, too.

On the complaint of one Mun Sam Pak, a countryman, the police yesterday arrested Yi Kwan Ho of Seoul charged with purchasing the wife of the complainant. We wonder what section of the criminal code this will come under. We hope a place can be found for it and a severe punishment, for such events as this are extremely common.

Count Taruske Itakagi of Japan was made Minister of the Home Department. He is the leader of the Liberal Party in Japan.

We are encouraged by the report from our Chemulpo agent that The Independent is being largely read by the people there and that we must double the supply in order to meet the demand in that port.

We are informed that the mayor of Pyeng Yang has been doing some fine work in the line of squeezing and that consequently the people are on the verge of revolt. <By ’squeezing’, the reporter is refering to extortion>

Cho Bang Heun, a captain of the company which went to Chul Won to suppress disturbances, took occasion to rob some wealthy citizens of that district. The authorities in the War Office were informed of the fact and ordered the arrest of the culprit but he has decamped.

Another captain who came to Song Do from Chul Won with a company of soldiers, brought a wealthy citizen, Ko, from the former district and threatened to kill him because of supposed sympathy with the rebels. The doomed man offered 25,000,000 cash and thus saved his life. Is this affair known to the War Office authorities? <I have no idea what the currency is. It is unlikely the Won the amount listed is quite large. I would venture a guess that this is Jeon, a smaller currency no longer in use. 1 Won consisted of 100 Jeon>

Edict—Those who were loyal to us in the affair of the 8th of October have been killed by the barbarous weapons of Our enemies. We feel sorry for their untimely death and hereby give them special rank to show Our appreciation of their loyalty. The criminals of the 8th of October are banished for ten years; Hong Won Do is sentenced to hard labor for one year and Chung In Heung is released. <October 8th was the day that the Queen was murdered in the palace by Japanese guards. The assassins conspired with several Korean ministers and servants within the palace>

Editorial– <Today’s editorial is a rare one that in no way relates to Korea. Instead, he postulates about the growing possibility of a war in Europe. Rather than post that, I will type the advertisements that appear in the back of the newspaper>

AdvertisementsThe Independent as its name implies, is free from all political bias and will simply give the facts so far as they can be ascertained, independent of parties. We hope to enlarge the sheet as soon as the circulation of the paper warrents.

Scott’s Emulsion of pure Cod Liver Oil with Hypophosphites of Lime and soda. Large Bottles $1.50, Small Bottles .80  Kumamoto & Co. Druggists No. 58 Chin Ko Kai, Seoul.

K. Kameya General Store Keeper, Chong Dong, Seoul.  Fresh California Butter, Cheese, Flour, Ham, Bacon, Canned Fruits, Vegetables &c. &c., just arrived.

The Korean Repository. A monthly magazine dealing with all Korean questions of general or special interest. Price $3.00. Apply to Kelly & Walsh, Shanghai or to J. W. Wadman, Tokyo, Japan. <The three dollar price was the annual subscription rate>

Great Clearing Sale.  The undersigned hereby notifies his patrons and the public generally that he will sell off his stock preparatory to closing his store. The entire stock, consisting of groceries, wines, canned provisions, liquors of all kinds, German and Russian fruits, jams, jellies in glass jar, cigars, tobacco, toilet articles, stationery, confectionary, various patent medicines and drugs. They will be sold at 20% discount being less than the actual cost. Price lists will be issued. Send your orders in soon or you will be too late. Sale begins 1st May.  F.H. Morsel  Chemulpo.

H.C. Cloud & Co. Chemulpo, Korea. Navy Contractors, compredores and Bakers. The only American Firm in Korea.

J. Gaillard Jeune. Chemulpo, Korea. Provisioner of French men of war, General Store-Keeper, Naval Contractor and Commission Agent.  We can supply you with the following articles upon receiving your order. American, English, French and German preserves; Wines and Liquors of best quality; Table Claret $4.00 per dozen; Russian Caviar; Gruyere, Roquefort, American & Dutch Cheese; American & English Ham & Bacon; French & German Sausages; Pure Olives; Salad Oils; Toilet Articles; French soap; Cigars; Tobacco; etc. etc. etc.  J. Giacinti, Manager.

Seoul Grocery Company. No. 15 Legation St. Chong Dong.  We have fancy and staple groceries and provisions of both foreign and domestic products. Our Customers will be supplied with passbooks and accounts will be payable monthly. The only Korean firm of this kind in the city

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