Seen in Jeonju

Trailers for Korean movies opening Jan. 26

23rd January 2012

This week there are quite a few movies opening however, only one is a Korean film. The movie is Tarbosaurus. It is a 3D animation about a young carnivorous dinosaur who’s entire family is killed by a lost Tyranosaurus Rex named ‘One-Eye.’ Spotty, the young tarbosaur, grows up with the desire to avenge his family and free the area from the interloper. Tarbosaurus is directed by Han Sang-ho and voiced by Lee Hyeong-seok, Shin Yong-woo and Ku Ja-hyeong.

Other movies opening are: Flypaper (us), Oppai Volleyball (jp), Eleanor’s Secret (fr), The Prey (fr), Personal Effects (us), One Piece (jp), Dancing Chaplin (jp), Eternity (th), Carjacked (us)

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