Seen in Jeonju

Trailers for Korean films opening February 2

31st January 2012

This Thursday, we have two new Korean movies opening. First up is a gangster film starring two of Korea’s best actors, Choi Min-shik (Oldboy) and Ha Jeong-woo (Yellow Sea). It is directed by Yoon Jong-bin who gave us The Unforgiven. I think sometime in the past I mentioned that I was tired of gangster movies, but I have to admit that they have become much less frequent in Korean cinema than they used to be. That fact, plus the casting, means I will be seeing this film. Here is the trailer for Nameless Gangster: Rules of Time

The other movie is a drama called Papa. It looks as if it has elements of comedy as well. It stars Park Yong-woo (Children…) as a talent manager whose client has signed with another agency and gone to America to star in a reality series. He follows her but, in order to stay past his visa, he must marry. The woman who marries him dies suddenly leaving him with a large, multi-cultural family to raise. Besides Park Yong-woo, this movie features Ko Ah-ra and Michael MacMillan.

The other new movies that are opening are The Bang Bang Club (ca), Welcome to the Rileys (uk/us), I Don’t Know How She Does It (us), and Happy Feet 2 (au).

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