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Index of Korean Movies, 1970s: Director Jeong In-yeob

2nd February 2012

Director Jeong In-yeob is perhaps most famous for directing what is recognized as Korea’s first porn film, Madam Aema, but that wouldn’t be until 1982.  He started his career in films on the staff of Director Kim Ki-yeong and became a director in his own right by the mid-60s.  He continued directing right up until 1997 with the direct-to-video movie based on musician Kim Geon-mo’s song Speed entitled, appropriately enough, Kim Geon-mo’s Speed.  Jeong directed twenty-two films in the 1970s. Most of these I have already uploaded information on, but the final eight information plates are listed below.  Just click the thumbnail and expand to see a full-sized image.  The rest of the films, and info on plates from other directors from the 70s, can be seen by clicking on the tab marked ‘the 1970s’ at the top of this page.

jeonginyeob1974 firstloveatmyeongdong, jeonginyeob1974 summerwithnobody,jeonginyeob1974 twobrothers,jeonginyeob1976 bluedays, jeonginyeob1977 standoff, jeonginyeob1977 taxidriver, jeonginyeob1978 arirangah, jeonginyeob1979 doyouknowggotsooni  Next: Director Jeong Jin-woo

2 Responses to “Index of Korean Movies, 1970s: Director Jeong In-yeob”

  1. Matt Says:

    I’ve never seen Madame Emma characterized as a porn film before. The ero films of the 1980s are a far cry from what most people would consider ‘pornography’. For example, there is no nudity in Madame Emma.

  2. Tom Says:

    I have to agree with you that it does not fit what we call porn today, and I often tell my students that the first few movies in the Madame Emma series are not porn. True pornographic films are not listed on this site. But, Korean film historians and major websites still list it as ‘성인’ (for example here: Try typing 성인 on Naver or Daum and see what comes up! (Actually what comes up is a big, red 19 saying you can’t go any further until you prove your age..)

    That is the same rating that this film has: The above film does not appear in the index I have made nor in the Korean Film Archive database.