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Index of 1970s Korean Movies– Jeong Jin-woo

9th February 2012

Jeong Jin-woo is one of my favorite directors of the 60s and 70s.  I especially like Early Rain from 1966 of which one of the films, Love in the Rain, is a remake.  From the decade that this post covers, I really enjoyed I Saw the Wild Ginseng.  Debuting as a director in 1963 and continuing through the early 90s, Jeong made 16 films during the 1970s.  Ten of these I had previously uploaded information for, so here are the remaining six. The info for the other films, and for many other directors, can be viewed by clicking the tab marked “the 1970s” at the top of this page. Click the thumnails below and expand to see a full sized image of these plates.

jeongjinwoo1975 endofanaffair, jeongjinwoo1975 loveintherain,jeongjinwoo1977 threefighters, jeongjinwoo1979 isawthewildginseng, jeongjinwoo1979 roseswallowedthorn, jeongjinwoo1979 scholaryulgok Up Next: Jeong So-yeong

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